Courtesy Runner


Courtesy Runner


By The Pecan Park Eagle


It’s very hard to steal a base,

The pitcher’s always on your case,

To stay upon the bag – from which you lead.


He sideways takes a look, so still,

It let’s you know, if looks could kill,

That you may have to die – to fill his need.


And if you take a few steps more,

He puts you on the infield floor,

Scrambling to go back – with all due speed.


What’s with this guy, this ace lame brain?

Who’s booked you on the “stay put” train?

Why does he play all out – in awesome greed?


His club is up by eight to none,

We’re in the ninth – with two outs done,

I need this job – with four kids home to feed.


An act of simple courtesy,

Would be for him – to look and see,

A free run at this point – I could embrace.


But then again – it might backfire,

‘Cause if Ace tried – to save my hire,

Was this a time for “stealing” any base?


My manager would jump and shout,

The fans would yell – “throw this bum out,”

My wife might even hit me with a vase!


The club would quickly outright me,

Before I had a chance to plea,

My ever-sorry – sad and stupid case!


You just don’t run on two outs, see,

Trailing by eternity,

You do? – You get cut fast – in dire disgrace!


No thanks, Ace ! – I’ll pass on the courtesy run!


 eagle-0range Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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