Our 2016 Valentine’s Day MLB Lineup





Rolling out of our Valentine’s Day morning meditations comes this special 2016 Valentine to Baseball All Star Team. How each man-made the roster will be about as obvious to the aims of love as the current presidential debates are to the service of self-interest and the cacophony of rancor:

Our Team of Seasonal Love is dedicated as a tribute to the Game of Baseball that we love!

Manager ~ “Candy” Cummings, a 19th century pitcher who claims to have invented the curve ball. Cummings is a member of the Hall of Fame, but could not qualify for the playing roster here because “Candy” was only a nickname and his legal surname “Cummings” is not synonymous with love, unless you have a dirty mind.

P1 ~ Slim Love (1913-1920) (28 W, 21 L, 3.04 ERA)

P2 ~ Corky Valentine (1954-1955) (12 W, 11 L, 4.45 ERA)

P3 ~ John Valentine (1883) (2 W, 10 L, 3.53 ERA)

P4 ~ Joe Valentine (2003-2005) (2 W, 4 L, 6.70 ERA)

P5 ~ Vincente Amor (1955, 1957) (1 W, 3 L, 5.67 ERA)

C1 ~ Rick Sweet (1978, 1982-1983) (.234 BA, 6 HR)

C2 ~ Bob Valentine (1876) (.000 BA, 0 HR)

1B ~ Ed Hug * (1903) (.000 BA, 0 HR, 1 BB, 1.000 OBP)

2B ~ Pete Rose (1963-1986) (.303 BA, 4,256 Hits, 160 HR)

3B ~ Jim Ray Hart (1963-1974) (.278 BA, 170 HR)

SS ~ Jake Flowers (1923-1934) (.256, 16 HR)

LF ~ Bobby Valentine (1969-1979) (.260 BA, 12 HR)

CF ~ Fred Valentine (1959-1968) (.247 BA, 36 HR)

RF ~ Ellis Valentine (1975-1985) (.278 BA, 123 HR)


  • Ed Hug played only one MLB game as a replacement catcher for the Brooklyn Superbas on June 6, 1903. He drew a walk in his only career time at bat. We cannot prove that Ed was capable of playing first base, based on his limited career experience, but, conversely, there is also no way to prove that he could not have handled that critical first corner sack – and the fact that we really wanted to add a guy named “Hug” to our Valentine’s Day team was the deciding factor here. We also figured that a guy named “Hug” might be pretty adept at keeping runners close to the bag at first.

Happy Valentine’s Day again, dear friends! ~ We hope your day is going along happy, peaceful, loving, well and …. well, what else is there to wish for?

valentine ____________________




Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



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