Raymon Lacy Column from July 2014 Goes Viral

Matt Rejamaniak of SABR greets 91-year Raymon Lacy to the latter's speaking engagement at SABR on 7/14/2014.

Matt Rejamaniak of SABR greets 91-year Raymon Lacy to the latter’s speaking engagement at SABR on 7/14/2014.

Today is Thursday, February 10, 2016. In the last four days, a Pecan Park Eagle column on former Negro Leaguer and Texas public school coach and educator, then 91 year old Raymon Lacy, and his talk to the Houston SABR Chapter on July 14, 2014, has gone viral among the now very apparently widespread population of lives who have been touched by this wonderful and wise subject and recorder of history.


Check it out for yourselves, and make sure to read the handful of posts that people from all over the countryside have left in praise of their personal lessons from this man. The recorded comments are but a small number from the 1,221 people who have cyber-stopped by our place to read our 18-month old story on the man only this week, since Monday, February 8, 2016.

Unlike the direct access national media, FOX, and CNN, The Pecan Park Eagle news delivery is more like a note in the bottle that has been cast into the ocean of all cyber possibilities and distractions from delivery. The bottle has to finally wash ashore on the beeches of the people who care about that particular column subject, then be found and opened, and then spread like a wildfire to others who care. Such is the case here.

“Ladies and Gentleman from the World of Raymond Lacy, The Eagle has landed!”



Raymon Lacy SABR Speaker July 14, 2014



The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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