Lotto Lamentations of a Baseball “Player”


1.6 billion dollars is a big hit for all of us “losers” in Wednesday night’s Powerball Lottery. I should have honed in on my baseball memory bank and converted my quick pick long-odds-against-me-“fate” into a selection that soared meditations into Powerball winning destiny.

And any of us who “think” baseball daily as surely as the sun rises in the NL/AL East could have honed in on the winning Powerball ticket numbers that burned rightly in meditatively first attracting the right questions to answers we all know:

Here they are ~ after about fifteen minutes of “OM” on the range of the six famous baseball questions that contain questions with numerical answers that also contained the five ticket numbers attached to the Powerball Number:

Question 1: In what year did John McGraw of the New York Giants refuse to play the Boston Red Sox in what would have been the second consecutive World Series?

Answer: 1904

Question 2: In what year did the Chicago Cubs win their most recent World Series?

Answer: 1908

Question 3: In what year did the Chicago Black Sox Scandal take place?

Answer: 1919

Question 4: In what year did Babe Ruth hit his longstanding record of 60 home runs in a single season:

Answer: 1927

Question 5: In what year did the “Gas House Gang” St. Louis Cardinals and Dizzy Dean defeat the Detroit Tigers in a seven-game World Series?

Answer: 1934

Powerball Question: In what year did the San Francisco Giants begin their active streak of winning the World Series every other year in even-numbered years?

Answer: 2010

So what? ~ Here’s what: Wednesday’s serious money lotto had to be the biggest “woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ ” disappointment for all of us numbers-loving baseball fans who saw those numbers for what they really are in our eternal list of special dates. – We had ’em, folks. We simply didn’t focus freely enough on putting our minds on these cherished numbers from baseball history that make up so much of our daily enjoyment in life. Had we done so, we just may have bought one of the winning lottery tickets.

Of course, having said that, I might also have played the Houston baseball angle with 28, 31, 61*, 62, 65 and a powerball number of 05.

  • Two Houston baseball ties ae connected to “61” and neither has anything to do with Roger Maris.





One Response to “Lotto Lamentations of a Baseball “Player””

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    1934: The year that used to appear on the official seal of University of Houston marking the founding until it was changed to 1927.

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