Our 2016 Hopes for The Houston Astros

Houston Post January 1, 1900 Contributed by Darrell Pittman

Houston Post
January 1, 1900
News Photo Contributed by Darrell Pittman


Our Top Ten Hopes for the Houston Astros in 2016

10) Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa will continue to show us that he is who we think he is – a future Hall of Famer!

9) Astros 2nd Baseman Jose’ Altuve will continue to be who we think he is – a future Hall of Famer!

8) Astros outfielder George Springer finally will show us that he is capable of hitting .300 with a high OBP!

7) Astros starter Dallas Keuchel will continue to be undefeated at home and the force of our pitching staff!

6) Someone will arrive, via trade or personal development, to become that “3rd man ‘sure thing’ in the starting rotation!

5) The Astros will find or acquire guys capable of playing 1st and 3rd bases with good hitting for average and power stats!

4) Improved hitting for average, OBP, and steady power from outfielders Marisnick, Rasmus, Gomez and Tucker.

3) Better stick work from catcher Joel Castro – or the acquisition of a guy who can also hit and play the position.

2) Hope that burner Ken Giles shows up as the quality closer we need him to be.

1) Fewer strikeouts among our hitters, better execution of basic base running skills by all, and a little more work on basic defensive measures. Outfielders need to better understand why hitting your cut-off man on extra base hit throws is important to the prevention of opposition runners from scoring.

BONUS: This one is off the field, but it is equally important to both the history of the Astros and the City of Houston. ~ The Pecan Park Eagle hopes mightily that 2016 turns out to be the year in which a firm and appropriate plan for the preservation and re-purposing of the Astrodome finally is found, approved, and placed into developmental motion.



Note: There were no Houston Buffaloes in 1900 as Houston and several other Texas cities took a hiatus from professional baseball for a little recovery of creative planning, everyday gumption, and a renewed cash and credit pledge of the money it would take to get this baseball cash cow business back into motion again.


2 Responses to “Our 2016 Hopes for The Houston Astros”

  1. Brian Beebe Says:

    Your wish list has pointed out the sad state we find in Major League baseball today, not just for the Astros but for most teams. Need to cut down on strike outs? Need better base running skills? Need to know the importance of hitting the cut off man? Really? It seems to me that these “skills” should be learned well before the Major League level. I think that in most of the guys the Astros have the natural ability is there or they would not be up here. What seems to be missing is the baseball knowledge that is learned by doing.

  2. Mike Mulvihill Says:

    Your # 1 is so obvious it hurts. Good high school team know all of these things. Might add often the cut-off man for outfielders to hit or throw to or in the wrong location. Pitchers have a tendency to watch the action behind them instead of going to where they should be.
    As you are well aware from where we both went to hs, you did these basic things or you did not play

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