MLB Presents The Astrodome



MLB Presents The Astrodome

Introduced by Bob Costas and narrated by former UH Cougar and movie actor Dennis Quaid (and brought to my attention for editorial correction here by our good friend Greg Lucas), the one-hour long “MLB Presents the Astrodome” documentary that aired at 8:00 PM on the MLB Network last night came off quite well, covering all the reasons for the Dome’s creation and the milestone events that took place there over the period of its 35-year life as home of the Houston Astros and other major happenings. Dean Hofheinz Mann, the daughter of the late Judge Roy Hofheinz was on board as the primary witness to dome history, but almost everyone else under the Houston sun who had anything to do with the grand old place stopped by to impart their thoughts and feelings for the relatively brief, but highly significant place in Houston history and as an iconic figure in the history of world architecture.

Nolan Ryan spoke simply, but eloquently, in support of the Astrodome’s place in our local history and old clip revealed R.E. “Bob” Smith responding to someone’s early question about the designation of the place as “the eight wonder of the world” by amending that thought to the idea that “we should be recognizing the Astrodome not as the eighth, but as THE wonder of the world. From the players we recall as our early Dome heroes (Jimmy Wynn, Larry Dierker, Bob Aspromonte, Mike Scott, Terry Puhl, Art Howe, and Phil Garner) viewers got to hear the thread of affection for the Dome that runs through them all. Astros historian Mike Acosta contributed his always sound contextual take on what the Dome means to our local history and Tal Smith spoke as one of the principals who put that history in motion. The great Mickey Herskowitz, along with broadcasters Bill Brown, Milo Hamilton,  TV personalities Bob Allen and Dan Rather, among others, chipped in their perceptions of the important Dome years.

Good as it was, the limitations of even a full disclosure documentary on the Astrodome for me is the sudden realization that, unless one already possesses a bond with the Astrodome, even good information on the “old girl” probably will fall short of personalizing that same kind of bond within those who were nor around to have built it within themselves from first hand experience.

Those of us who favor saving the Astrodome need to rally (a) those people who do have the bond – and I’m talking here about the 25,000 to 30,000 people who came to the Astrodome’s 50th birthday party last April 9th and (b) help build a strategy for attracting support from all the others who not have a bond with the Dome, per se, but who do have a passionate bond for historical preservation.

If you are interested, please take a look at the new “Our Astrodome” website that Mike Vance of Houston Arts and Media has started as a program for advancing the cause of preservation for the Astrodome – and ask how you may get involved and help. Here’s the link:

Go, All Who Care ~ Let’s Save the Dome! ~ Before It’s Too Late!


Christmas Spirit Crossings

  1. When the NFL Houston Texans lost star running back Arian Foster again early to injury for the rest of the 2015 season, what Christmas song did Coach Bill O’Brien immediately adopt as his favorite? Answer: “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You.”
  2. A graffiti artist with strong phonetic affinities, recently took a two-word sign on a house he saw and painted two words of his own beneath the first two to better communicate the name of a Christmas song it made him hear. It then read: “FOR LEASE, Navidad.”


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2 Responses to “MLB Presents The Astrodome”

  1. gregclucas Says:

    Don’t short your fellow Cougar, Bill. It was Dennis Quaid who narrated the Astrodome program. Bob Costas only introduced it.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Thanks for the early advisory, Greg. Just another example of how we cannot trust our own memories to get all the right facts lined up correctly in every instance with no other on site editorial assistance. The changes you mentioned have now been put in place.And I really do appreciate you, or anyone, pointing out an “E” when you see a serious content error in any of my virtually daily columns.

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