A Tom Keefe Christmas Song


A Tom Keefe Christmas Song

(To the tune of “I’ll be Home for Christmas”)

By Bill McCurdy, Eddie Gaedel Society,

Spokane Chapter # 1 (by way of Houston)


 He – spoke out – in Spokane,

‘Neath the – Christmas tree:


“Please – walk bold – this story’s old,

But it rings true – to me!


“Eddie Gae-del’s – my man!

Deep from his-toe-ree,


“He stood tall – in Browns base ball,

Fulfilling – ageless – themes,


“Games played great – not by height – or weight,

But by – how YOU – face – the ball!


“Christmas Eve – will find us,

At – O’Doherty’s – door,


Safe at home – for Christmas,

On O’D’s – sacred floor,


“And Eddie Gaedel’s – with us,

If only – in – our – dreams!”




2 Responses to “A Tom Keefe Christmas Song”

  1. Tom Keefe Says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Can spring training be far behind?

  2. Stan Colenso Says:

    Nice addition to Browns lore.

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