Happy Cougar Days: An 11/27/15 Pictorial

11/27/2015: UH 52 – Navy 31 @ TDECU Stadium,

UH Central Campus, Houston.

Mostly pictures. All smiles. Few words.













… celebrating today, but never forgetting …




Everything worth keeping, happens “in time”.


5 Responses to “Happy Cougar Days: An 11/27/15 Pictorial”

  1. Bill Hickman Says:

    Congratulations, Bill. UH played an absolutely dominant game. Our Navy hats are off to you. Good luck versus Temple or South Florida (though, given the strength of yesterday’s Cougar performance, I think it will be the opposition which will need the luck).

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Thanks, Bill! The young men from the Naval Academy played the game with the kind of relentless effort and quiet dignity we have come to expect from those who dedicate themselves to military service at this level of commitment. There are no “one-and-done, coming out early for the NFL. if at all” people on the roster of the Navy team! – It’s amazing that Annapolis is able to put together a team that is even able to compete and succeed as they do on this level – and another credit to the guys who suit up to give it their all, even if the field of battle is the college gridiron.

      Academy perspective kicked in quickly after the game when one of Navy players told a local eporter: “Our season’s not over! Our most important game of the year is coming up in two weeks!”

  2. Randy Says:

    Awesome !!!

  3. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    HOLY COW! You’re getting OLD, but still good looking – you lucky son-of -a gun. Keep up the good work

  4. Tom Hunter Says:

    The return of Greg Ward Jr. and Elandon Roberts to the offense and defense made all the difference against Navy. Just hope Kenneth Farrow will be healthy for the next game. Two consecutive sell-outs at TDECU Stadium, with a third one on the way against Temple. Happy days are here again at UH. Go Coogs!

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