Our First 25-Man Roster Baseball Movie Team

“Listen up, Joe! – How come I missed out on my chance to be be one of the coaches on The Pecan Park Eagle’s 2015 fantasy baseball club?” – William Frawley

This one’s been a long-time coming, but we only got serious about starting and finishing the whole job this morning when some unexpected extra time fell into our “got too much time on my hands anyway” schedule. Here’s a tabular presentation of our first 25-man rostered fantasy “Hollywood Stars” fantasy movie team based upon actors in baseball roles from the 1930s to the present 2015 day,

Only one thing is for sure here. With Tom Hanks from “A League of Their Own,” firmly seated as manager, there will be no crying in baseball among the ranks of our fantasy version of the Hollywood Stars. And Hanks will have the backing of some pretty good coaches. (We had to label each of them in the table as an “ass’t” to keep from adding a character that would have rolled many of the tabular cells into double space and ruining the visual presentation. Our perfectionistic inclinations would not allow it, but we weren’t too happy when we had to settle for the use of “ass’t” just to protect the intgrity of a universally sized cell pattern.)

If you have seen any of these movies, all you have to do to fan your own imaginings on how this club would harmonize or not. just picture each member of the team playing with the ability and social skills they possessed in their various movies – or, in the case of those who portrayed some of the great real ballplayers, how these mixed ingredients might work out in their everyday lives and game experience. – The potential ignition points on explosion are almost too numerous to record.

How do you suppose two ego-oozing and and easily ego-bruised pitchers might respond to each other in a situation in which manager Hanks decided to pull starter Nick LaLoosh in favor of Rickey “Wild Thing” Vaughn, for ecample?

For that matter, how would this coaching staff work out together on a personal basis. If you have seen the movies that featured all the staff as managers or scouts, do we have the makings of good chemistry – or not?

On the positive side, what could a lineup that included Babe Ruth, Roy Hobbs, and Joe Hardy do to the power record books and a club’s hope for a World Series in only a single season together?

Here’s our first and probably only ….  Pecan Park Eagle 25-Man Roster Baseball Movie Team:

1 C Kevin Costner Bull Durham 1988 Crash Davis
2 C James Earl Jones Bingo Long, et al 1974 Leon Carter
3 C Robert DiNero Bang the Drums Slowly 1973 Bruce Pearson
4 1B Gary Cooper Pride of the Yankees 1942 Lou Gehrig
5 2B Chad Boseman 42 2013 Jackie Robinson
6 3B Corbin Bernsen Major League 1989 Roger Dorn
7 SS Matt Modine The Winning Season 2004 Honus Wagner
8 1F Gene Kelly Take Me Out TTBG 1949 Eddie O’Brien
9 IF Frank Sinatra Take Me Out TTBG 1949 Dennis Ryan
10 LF Tab Hunter Damn Yankees 1955 Joe Hardy
11 CF Wesley Snipes Major League 1989 Willie Mays Hayes
12 RF Robert Redford The Natural 1984 Roy Hobbs
13 0F Richard Pryor Bingo Long, et al 1974 Charlie Snow
14 OF Stan Shaw Bingo Long, et al 1974 Esquire Joe Callaway
15 DH William Bendix The Babe Ruth Story 1948 Babe Ruth
16 P Ray Milland Happens Every Spring 1949 Mike Kelly
17 P Ronald Reagan The Winning Team 1952 Pete Alexander
18 P Jimmy Stewart The Stratton Story 1949 Monty Stratton
19 P Dan Dailey The Pride of St. Louis 1952 Dizzy Dean
20 P Louis Gossett Don’t Look Back 1981 Satchel Paige
21 P Tim Robbins Bull Durham 1988 Nick LaLoosh
22 P Dennis Quaid The Rookie 2002 Jimmy Morris
23 P Tom Nicholas Rookie of the Year 1993 H. Rowengartner
24 P Joe E. Brown Elmer the Great 1933 Elmer
25 P Charlie Sheen Major League 1989 Ricky Vaughn
26 MGR Tom Hanks League of Their Own 1992 Jimmy Dugan
27 Ass’t Paul Douglas Angels in the OF 1951 1951 Guffy McGovern
28 Ass’t Wilford Brimley The Natural 1984 Pop Fisher
29 Ass’t Gary Busey Rookie of the Year 1993 Chet Steadman
30 Ass’t Danny Glover Angels in the OF 1994 1994 George Knox
31 Ass’t Clint Eastwood Trouble with Curve 2012 Gus

Pick a time when your mind is free enough to play with the possibilities you might face as the manager of these Hollywood Stars and please free to share your thoughts or conclusions withe rest of us in the comment section.





4 Responses to “Our First 25-Man Roster Baseball Movie Team”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    You might want to make a trade for Tony Perkins as Jimmy Piersall in “Fear Strikes Out!” Very colorful character!

  2. Gary Trujillo Says:

    Roger Dorn was a scrub! 🙂

  3. Cliff Blau Says:

    Since you are allowing real players, why not Frank Lovejoy as Rogers Hornsby in The Winning Team?

    On the other hand, I think you’d be better off with Michael Moriarty as the fictional Henry Wiggen than Monte Stratton.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Both great suggestions, Cliff. I came close to using both Lovejoy and Moriarty. I also came close to using Bruce Bennett as Saul Hellman, the veteran pitcher with heart, from 1951’s “Angels in the Outfield.”

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