Bill Gilbert: MLB Playoff Observations, Part 3

Astros analyst Bill Gilbert takes his third look at the recently concluded 2015 MLB League Playoffs and World Series.

Astros analyst Bill Gilbert takes his third look at the recently concluded 2015 MLB League Playoffs and World Series.

MLB Playoff Observations, Part 3

By Bill Gilbert

~ Keep the line moving. The Royals had the uncanny ability in all three series to string together several hits with a mistake by their opponents to score 3-5 runs in an inning without a home run.

~ The Royals hit only 2 home runs (both solos) in their 5 game series win over the Mets.

~ Will other clubs try to copy the Royals’ style of play?

~ Will the Royals’ success result in revised thinking about the value of not striking out?

~ Tony Bennett’s voice appears to be a thing of the past.


 Pecan Park Eagle Comments

Bill Gilbert’s questions about the value of all clubs reexamining the Kansas City philosophy about putting the ball in play with fewer strikeouts makes sense for all clubs, but it will have to be only a long-term dream for those teams that already find themselves tied to expensive multi-year deals with HR crushers of the fan-and-sit-a-lot genre.

As for Tony Bennett, for mercy’s sake, we heard him too, but let’s remember – the man hit age 89 this past August 3rd! A lot of people still alive at his age can’t even get out of the house, let alone, carry a tune in a bucket. – He’s still one of the great icons of American popular song interpretation – as long as he stays with the tunes of limited middle note range– and also, to his credit and good sense, he wasn’t even trying to handle the difficult range of the Star Spangled Banner prior to Game 5, but he still had trouble with the easier range of “America the Beautiful.”

God Bless You, Tony! – You are still great when you sing “Blue Velvet” with KD Lang, “Body and Soul” with the late Amy Winehouse, or “The Lady is a Tramp” with Lady Gaga!

If proof is needed, check out those three Tony Bennett duets by listening to them at these links:

If an ad appears, just press the “skip ad” option and you go straight to what is still the most beautiful music in the world.

 Blue Velvet

 Body and Soul

 The Lady is a Tramp




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