Correa to Altuve to Chance

Jose Altuve again led the AL with the most hits and stolen bases for the 2nd year in a row.

Jose Altuve again led the AL with the most hits and stolen bases for the 2nd year in a row.

Congratulations to our Houston Astros for making the 2015 AL Playoffs as the second wild card!

OK! So the Astros slipped out of the AL West title that they seemed to hold firmly for most of the season. We also said all summer that a club that wants a division crown also has to play well in September – and that ancient verity again proved to be true. – Wipe out that four game sweep that the Astros coughed up to Rangers on their last fated visit to Arlington and, in your minds only, suppose it into a 2-2 split that might have been with Texas. Had that split occurred, the two top AL West teams could swap places today in their actual finish. – The Astros would have won the AL West with a 88-74 mark and the Rangers would have finished second with an 86-76 mark.

But that isn’t how things play out, is it? The games don’t play out in our minds, or on paper, as the old wisdom prescribes. They play out on the field. And, who knows? Maybe a one-game ticket win over the Yankees in The Bronx is more favorable as an entry point for the Astros as a chance to play a series that starts in Kansas City with the Royals is a better shot than the Rangers now face in a series with the red-hot Blue Jays that begins in Canada!

i.e., We shall see.

Rookie Carlos Correa bedazzled the AL at short and also hit 22 HR in only 99 games.

Rookie Carlos Correa bedazzled the AL at short and also hit 22 HR in only 99 games.

The Pecan Park Eagle likes the chances of a club that has the arguably best keystone combination in baseball in shortstop Carlos Correa and second baseman Jose Altuve. Just look over the stats of each man – and they are only the recorded part of their story. Nobody’s perfect, but these guys make plays that other clubs have to concede as unplayable hits. – And they do it with such “spice and sparkle”, as people back in the 1930s once said – or with such “fervent ginger”, as cranks and writers from the 19th century into the “Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance” era of the 20th century’s first decade once proclaimed.

Current Complete 2015/Career Stats for ….

Carlos Correa ….

Jose Altuve ….

Tinker to Evers to Chance? There is an irony connection to this comparison of Correa and Altuve to Tinker and Evers of the old Cubs of Chicago. The first decade of the 20th century Cubs had first baseman Frank Chance, another future Hall of Famer, as the anchor man and poetic signature on their successful completion of double plays. – The 2015 Astros, on the other hand, leave first base to the open matter of “chance” – and to whomever seems best up to playing the position on a given day. – Do the names Singleton, Valbuena, Gonzalez, Carter, and Quasimodo ring any bells?

Go Astros! ~ Beat the Yankees!




One Response to “Correa to Altuve to Chance”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    A great trivia question asks who was the Cubs’ third baseman left out of Franklin Pierce Adams’ famous poem, “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon,” about Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

    The answer is Harry Steinfeldt, who also played with the Houston Magnolias/Mudcats, Galveston Sandcrabs, and Fort Worth Panthers. Jed Lowrie usually fills that role with Houston.

    Go ‘Stros. Beat the Yankees.

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