The Alleged 100 Worst Players of All Time

"Am I really the worst player of all time?" ~ Mario Mendoza

“Am I really the worst player of all time?”
~ Mario Mendoza


Darrell Pittman sent me a link this evening to the DeadSpin.Com’s list of the 100 worst players of all time in MLB history.

Not surprisingly, Mario Mendoza, icon of the infamous “Mendoza Line” for low batting average was named as the worst, followed by another easy punch, the selection of funny man Bob Uecker as the second pick.

The first Astro to show up on the list is Curt Blefary at the #15 spot. Blefary was the wonderful bargain that Spec Richardson grabbed for Houston from the Baltimore Orioles ages ago. What a deal! It only cost the Astros a future multiple-year 20-game winner in lefty Mike Cuellar, plus however many fan strokes and heart attacks that resulted as residual citizen casualties.

Eddie Gaedel, all 3’7″ of him, who took ne walk for the old St. Louis Browns and then retired with a career OBP of 1.000 was ranked a peg ahead of Blefary at #14. And that says a lot. For one thing, it says that the vertically challenged Gaedel, who never had played baseball prior to his major league debut, was regarded by the folks at DeadSpin.Com as superior to the 13 men who have preceded him in the poll, if there even was one. The whole thing could be the creative genius of some lone baseball wizened one.

Other Astros on the list include #18 J.R. Phillips, #22 Brian L. Hunter, #31 Jose Lima, #61 Mark Lemongello, #67 Casey Candaele, #73 Enos Cabell, #86 Tuffy Rhodes, and #92 Anthony Young.

Even if every guy here pegged as an Astro also played for other MLB teams, there are a total of 9 chosen for this infamous list as having played some big league time for Houston. In only 53 years of existence, far less half the time that professional has existed, could the Astros possibly contributed 9 names to any list of the 100 worst players of all time – regardless of how sordid, murky, or flippant the original standards were.

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