All The MLB Logos in Flux, Over Time

Cleveland fans still hope that this little World Series logo guy from 1948 was not "the Last of the Mohicans."

Cleveland fans still hope that this little World Series logo guy from 1948 was not “The Last of the Mohicans.”


Thanks to Tony Cavender for this interesting, but vision-challenging link to the tumbling over time history of all MLB logos used by all clubs, shown side-by-side, over time.

Or so they say. The grinning Native American shown above was used by the 1948 World Champion Cleveland Indians, but I do not recall seeing his shiny smile on the rolling tote board for even a smithereens-second in this parade of images from the beginning of baseball time.

What an irony. I’m going back to see my ophthalmologist again later this morning for my weekly check up of the right eye that has given me so much trouble during this “bout” (Is that the correct descriptor?) of shingles. – Shingles is more of a prize fight which you never scheduled before your foe just suddenly shows up and gets in all the early punches, but, when you finally stumble to your feat, he’s ready to hit you again and again – and you have to fight back for survival, even though you have no real good idea what that means as to weapons and how many rounds the fight is going to last! – And you finally figure out that your “prize” for winning out over shingles is that you get to go back to feeling almost as good as you did before the damn monster showed up!

Well, having just turned the corner on Week Four from the date of my earliest symptoms, I’m still working on the swollen right eye, the soreness in the area of the right eye, the deadwood feeling in my head, the all day headache, the shattered attention span, the desire to sleep constantly, and the bizarre neuro transmitter messages I get from my brain about itching, water rolling, and ants crawling – down my forehead to my face on the inside part of my skin.

Writing this column and my one-eyed reading of everything in my library by Roger Kahn about baseball in the 1950s are almost the only specific things that rally my soul and rescue me temporarily from the nuisance of it all. I’m going to try my best to stop talking about it here in the future, but I do promise to let you all know whenever I discover what the new normal is for me.

Remembering that God is Love, celebrating the Ballad of Eddie Gaedel with others who share my love for the little guy, and watching the soulful Houston Astros breathing life into our too-long-in-languish hopes for a World Series victory soon, and maybe even this year, as well as following the feisty Pearland Little League team in action from Williamsport, are all – my other salvos in the name of sanity.

At any rate, here’s the link to the constant repeat cycle action of the “MLB Logos in Flux Over Time” site. After you’ve seen it as many times in full as you need, we suggest you pick out one franchise to focus upon and just watch its singular changes over time. And, oh yes, make sure you have had your coffee and are not driving your car when you visit this site:–in-one-gif-064425511.html


eagle logo


3 Responses to “All The MLB Logos in Flux, Over Time”

  1. gregclucas Says:

    Very rough time going with your shingles battle. Don’t know if being older is a factor, but I don’t recall either Tony LaRussa or Latroy Hawkins having such a long battle. I was around Hawkins and his attack was limited to his torso. LaRussa did have some concern with facial and eye concerns while still skippering in St. Louis, but I don’t recall a month long problem. Hang in there, Bill. The end has to be closer than the beginning of all this!

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    Bill: Good advice on how to view the MLB Logos GIF, by concentrating on one franchise. It’s the same technique I was forced to use to score any points on Whac-A-Mole. Thanks for a tip-of-the-cap to the Pearland Little Leaguers, and best wishes on recovering your health.

  3. Mark W Says:

    It affected my cousin’s face and I’m pretty sure it lasted at least a month. Just keep writing Bill and it will zip by in a flash.

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