Aug. 19, 1951: Eddie Gaedel Walks into History


The Pecan Park Eagle will be there in spirit in Spokane too on August 19th – even if we cannot be there in person, as planned.

Go, Eddie, Go!

In case you have not yet heard it yet, which is probably a safe guess, the new anthem of the Eddie Gaedel Society, verse and chorus, is presented below – hopefully for your amusement and edification. It’s simply one of our little pieces of pure joy indulgence in the game of baseball and a modest ode to one of my personal favorite characters in the game’s history.

We are hoping to receive a digital transcription of the choral video that performs it for its first official performance at O’Doherty’s  Irish Grille & Pub in Spokane, Washington this coming Wednesday, August 19, 2015, the 64th anniversary of Eddie Gaedel’s singular appearance as an MLB pinch hitter for the St. Louis Browns against pitcher Bob Cain of the Detroit Tigers as the lead-off man in the bottom of the 1st inning of an afternoon game at Sportsman’s Park.

Gaedel Society Founder and annual banquet organizer Tom Keefe is responsible for initiating the entire tsunami of energy  that has risen from the deep as a monster wave of love in honor of the one and only Eddie Gaedel.

Thanks, Tom! – Faith moves mountains a lot faster when someone shows up to lead the effort with a shovel. And you are the living proof of that truth.

Addendum: Here’s a link also to  how how the new Los Angeles Chapter of The Eddie Gaedel Society plans to celebrate o August 19, 2015. If you live in that area, you may want to check out their contact information or simply join them in the fun.

Hail, Eddie!


The Ballad of Eddie Gaedel

The Now Official Anthem of The Eddie Gaedel Society

(Verse, Melody and Chorus: All may be sung to the tune of

“Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer”)

By Bill McCurdy, 1999. (Minor Revisions, 03/15/2015)


You know Pee Wee and Scooter and short guys named Patek,

And Wee Willie Keeler – as small as a flyspeck,

All little people who drew baseball paychecks,

But, do you recall,

The most famous baseball short guy of them all?


Bill Veeck, the Brownie owner,

Wore some very shiny clothes!

And if you saw his sport shirt,

You would even say, “It glows!”

All of the other owners,

Used to laugh and call him names!

They wouldn’t let poor Bill Veeck,

Join in any owner games!


Then one humid summer day,

Veeck signed a tiny man.

He smiled like a kid in a Panama suit,

Squeaking, “Play me – when you can!”


His name was Eddie Gae-del,

Inches short of four feet tall!

He never played much baseball;

He was always just too small!

He wasn’t small on courage,

Eddie saw the larger plan.

Took his heart out of storage,

Making him the bigger man!


Then one day in Sportsman’s Park,

Eddie went to bat!

Took four balls and walked to first,

Then retired – just like that!


Oh, how the purists hated,

Adding little Eddie’s name,

To the big book of records,

“ Gaedel” bore a blush of shame!

Now when you look up records,

Look up Eddie’s O.B.P.!

It reads a cool One Thousand,

Safe for all eternity!

Hail, Eddie!

______________________________ (c)



One Response to “Aug. 19, 1951: Eddie Gaedel Walks into History”

  1. Bob May Says:

    I remember seeing Eddie’s picture in the Boston paper the next day. I was nine years old (almost 10).

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