Luck, Be a Lady This Year

“Luck, Be a Lady Tonight!”

Unbelievable – until we remember that the Houston Astros are members of the American League West.

The Astros finished their roadkill trip with a satisfying 2-0 win over the Giants Wednesday afternoon and then flew home more merrily back to Houston in a far better mood than they had any right to expect – EXCEPT for the fact they play in the American League West.

They left home after sweeping the Angels back on Sunday, August 2nd, for a 9-game road trip with a 2-game lead over the Halos. They flew home on Wednesday night, August 12th, with another horrendous 2-7 toad trip record, but they would later find sweet sleep in Houston in the knowledge that the Angels had fallen to the White Sox on the road in Chicago, 3-2, and that the Astros still had the same 2-game lead over 2nd place LA that they had carried with them into the start of this now-closed, otherwise forgettable, road trip.

The Angels had managed to match the 2-7 record the Astros registered on the road over the same game span by dropping a 13-inning game to the CWS at their place late Wednesday night.

Add to the magical roll of these dice the fact that the Rangers also lost their third straight game yesterday, and the Astros also had increased their lead over 3rd place Texas to 5.5 games. The Rangers had punched the Astros for a sweep to start this trip, but again. – they seem to be falling back into the pack, just a tad.

Roll ’em again, Astros! – Roll those Blacked-Eyed Susans again while they are still smokin’!

I still think that it is going to take more than “luck” for the Astros to go all the way this year, and, like most of you, I could write all day on the large to little deficiencies in the 2015 Astros game that support my own reservations – and I have no doubt that most of you could too.

Anybody want to take base-running lessons from Preston Tucker after Wednesday’s game, for example?

The fact remains, as Greg Lucas stated as a comment yesterday. This is a much better ball club than the one we have all lived with for the previous four seasons. This is a good ball club with good management. The Astros are now – and for the foreseeable near years to come – one of the contenders – and that is flat-out exciting again!

Will luck be enough to help the Astros overcome their weaknesses this year – and take it all?

Don’t count on it. – But do not count it out either.

After all, a baseball miracle is simply one of those junctions in the game in which luck overrides probability.


2 Responses to “Luck, Be a Lady This Year”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    Yes, a pretty good club. And the faithful are rewarded with a close to 20% ticket price increase for next year.

  2. gregclucas Says:

    Beauty of baseball is (now that more can see the games) you can be a fire breathing hard nosed fan and NEVER actually pay for over-priced tickets. As long as your TV provider bill doesn’t go up too much that is. Of course if TV ratings skyrocket and game attendance drops that IS a problem. So far that has not been the case. Each have gone up together this year.

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