The One-Eyed Cat Astros-Rangers Blues


The One-Eyed Cat Astros-Rangers Blues

By Bill “One-Eyed Cat” McCurdy

I’m like a one-eyed cat!

Peekin’ at a losin’ skow!

I’m like a one-eyed cat!

Wish the ‘Stros could do much mo!

But it’s the same old tale,

Rangers have us on the flow!

You can believe me. Mama, – things could be much worse – I know!

I said, listen to me, Mama! – Don’t go huffy walkin’ out the dough!

We had chances late tonight,

But nobody make the rally go!

And it’s the same old sorrow tale,

Rangers put us on the flow!


Shingles Recovery Update

“One-Eyed Cat” McCurdy
With Shingles, Day Five
August 5, 2015

I promise not to send any further photos, but, if this one helps a single person avoid shingles by protecting themselves as much as possible, it will be worth it.

You can only get shingles if you suffered from chicken pox much earlier in life, usually in early childhood. Chicken pox heals, but leaves a dormant viral version of itself in the body, which may or may not be awakened later in life. There are many theories about what causes the re-activation of the virus into a condition called “shingles”, but the two most popular ideas place the blame upon stress and an inadequate diet, both which contribute strongly to a weakened immune system and set the table for the occurrence of a viral awakening.

In my case, the virus that awakened was over seventy years old. That thought alone blows my mind.

I’m on the fence about the shingles vaccine as of now. I took the vaccine last spring upon the advice of my doctor – and now, four months later, here comes my personal engagement with shingles. I should be clear on one one point. I was told in advance that the shingles vaccine was no guarantee of immunity, but that clinical evidence “suggested” (not proved) that taking the vaccine could lessen the effects of your shingles episode. And I can’t testify to that either. If having that aching flu feeling all day, with knife-sharp pain shooting through your head every time you cough, sneeze, or move the wrong way, or just want to sleep to avoid the chill you feel, even with no elevated temperature, itching like crazy, but doing what you are able to not touch those painful infection spots – if all those things that have been part of my trip are a weaker case, I guess I’m lucky.

The physician at the urgent care clinic on Sunday told me that it was possible to get shingles from taking the vaccine, especially for patients my age. My primary physician, however,  just says that I was on the road to getting it anyway.

Writing and my contact with all of you dear people via The Pecan Park Eagle, is the only medicine these days that seems to bring me into the here and now – where there is no pain – only joy. I am determined to get well from this demon and to try and harvest every deeper lesson I need to embrace for taking care of myself. Forgive me if my writings go any further off course at times than per usual.

Take care of yourselves too. Eat well. Avoid stress. And passionately pursue alone and with others the things that replenish your soul in non-depleting ways.

And I do promise:: No more pictures of my illness after today.

God Bless You All!

______________________________ (W)

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7 Responses to “The One-Eyed Cat Astros-Rangers Blues”

  1. gregclucas Says:

    Just a thought…are you supplementing whatever medical treatment with the amino acid L-Lysine? That stuff works wonders for a related virus that causes cold sores (oral herpes.) My wife is to the point where–usually after extending herself with yard work she can feel the symptoms for them coming on. She starts pounding down L-Lysine and often can stop the onset or at worst shorten the duration.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Greg. Someone else mentioned it to me. I will get some today. I have been using a topical silver spray that Neal recommends – along with five drops of silver solution in a glass of water daily.

  2. don matlosz Says:

    Two pieces of wisdom to get you through the day
    1. Everyday above ground is worth living
    2. Keep your mind full and your bowels empty

    If there is going to be another Pirates of the Caribbean movie
    are you interested in a audition?

  3. Wayne Roberts Says:

    I got the vaccination last year….sure hopes it works. Hang in there; you are better looking than Bradshaw.

  4. Davis Barker .... Jacksonville, Texas Says:

    Are you on the 15- or 30-Day DL?

  5. Matt Miggins Says:


    Get well soon!! We need you in the lineup.


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