Who is the Bobble Head Supposed to Be?

The New Crag Biggio Bobble Head

The New Craig Biggio Bobble Head

This is going to be a short column because of some routine medical tests scheduled for me this Friday morning.

This subject doesn’t need words. A single look at the bobble head pictured up top will do. It’s the same one the Astros plan to give away in honor of Craig Biggio.

But who does he really look like? – Take the following one-question quiz and go straight to the head of the class!

Multiple Choice: Who does the Craig Biggio bobble head most closely resemble?

(a) Craig Biggio

(b) George W. Bush.

(c) George H.W. Bush

(d) Jeb Bush

Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

Someone with the Astros must have commented something like the following when this shipment arrived and was first opened: “Holy Toledo! We ordered Craig Biggio – and look who we got!”

Also, please feel free to leave your own comments below on how this may have happened.


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4 Responses to “Who is the Bobble Head Supposed to Be?”

  1. Mike McCroskey Says:

    My daughter, Meghan, says either George W. Bush or me without a beard maybe a few years before she was born. However, definitely neither Justin Timbelake nor Craig Biggio.


  2. Gary Trujillo Says:

    George Bush!

  3. Davis Barker .... Jacksonville, Texas Says:

    Either Ernie Fazio or Pidge Browne ….

  4. Shirley Virdon Says:

    George W Bush!!!!!!!!

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