Mike McCroskey: Who Should the Astros Go For?

Professor Mike McCroskey wants to know: Who should the Astros try to acquire prior to the July 31st trade deadline/

Mike McCroskey wants to know: Who should the Astros try to acquire prior to the July 31st trade deadline?

Good friend and Super Astros Fan Mike McCroskey sent me a group e-mail that he apparently mailed to several other SABR members late last night. I liked it so much that it became an easy pick as our primary Pecan Park Eagle subject in our column for Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Here it is, exactly in the form that Mike framed it by e-mail. – What do the rest of you Astros fans think of Mike’s pick? And who – or what need – would you like to see the Astros try to fill before the July 31st trade deadline – and what cost?


Trade Deadline Nears (July 31st)

By Mike McCroskey

Just for fun as the trade deadline nears.  Who would you like to see the ‘Stros trade for and why would this person be available?

I think we have enough pitching and am not a fan of the payroll that Cole Hamels would command as we have a lot of kids approaching arbitration.

My pick, even though we have Springer and Lowrie set to come back soon, would be Adrian Beltre of the Rangers. He’s 36, still one of the best fielders in the game. Colin Moran is supposedly our 3rd baseman of the future in about 2 years. The Rangers are fading and may be in the market for some prospects and willing to dump him in order to rebuild. He would definitely be an improvement over one of our .198 hitters.  I would give up Valbuena in the deal.

What do y’all think, and who would be your pick to acquire?

Mike McCroskey

Please post your picks and thoughts in the column section that follows this column.



One More Deadline is Coming on July 31st for members of the Larry Dierker SABR Chapter who said they wanted tickets for the big game that follows our August 22nd SABR meeting at MMP. If you don’t get your money in to Mark Hudec by this Friday, you will have lost your ticket to a game that looms to be a sellout for a strategic contest in the AL pennant race by that date:

Please read and act upon the following message today! The deadline is only two days from now!

7/28/15: Urgent Message to Larry Dierker SABR Chapter Members from Chapter Leader Bob Dorrill:

This coming Friday, July 31, is the deadline for submitting your check, if you have not already done so, to attend the SABR meeting and Astros game on Saturday, August 22nd.

Please mail your check at $46.00 per ticket to:

Mark Hudec

235 River Grove Road

Sugar Land, TX 77478.

The game is sure to be a sellout with the pregame ceremony for Craig Biggio and the free Biggio jerseys for the first 10,000 attendees.

As previously announced, GM Jeff Luhnow is our special guest and we will also hear reports on the Hall of Fame weekend just past. Our meeting starts at 4:00 PM.

Thanks to all who have already reserved seats. As of today we have 47 signed on. You do not need a ticket to attend the meeting.

Bob Dorrill


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