Rick Bush for SABR Dierker Chapter R.O.Y.

May 19, 2015: Rick Bush (foreground) with baseball legend Larry Miggins at the SABR gathering in Sugar Land. Courtesy of The Skeeters.

May 19, 2015: Rick Bush (foreground) with baseball legend Larry Miggins at the SABR gathering in Sugar Land. Courtesy of The Skeeters.

Although we still haven’t been able to get him to one of our monthly meetings of the Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR at the Spaghetti Western Restaurant in Houston, first year member Rick C. Bush, a local college English professor, did make it to our SABR meeting at Constellation Field in Sugar Land earlier this year.  He also has been an active participant here in The Pecan Park Eagle website community of souls who regularly and actively offers their thoughts and soulful responses to whatever happens to be our column topic of the day. My only face-to-face contact with Rick was at the Sugar Land gathering prior to a Skeeters game. I already liked him and his thinking process before we met and those affinities only grew stronger after our personal meeting.

Today those attributions brought the tea kettle of our admiration for the man as a researcher/writer to a steady whistle point with the receipt of of this late Wednesday afternoon e-mail:


7/08/2015: E-mail from Rick Bush to Bill McCurdy at The Pecan Park Eagle ~


Since you were the encourager that put me over the top as far as joining SABR was concerned (I wouldn’t listen to my wife alone, though I should know better), I thought I’d pass along the link to my (Craig) Biggio biography which was posted to the SABR site today.

Here it is: http://sabr.org/bioproj/person/f4d29cc8#

Hope you think it’s worthy of Biggio. It was difficult for me not to write it as a fan of his; fortunately, nobody has anything negative to say about the man, which made my task a bit easier.

As an interesting side note, I have a former Sunshine Kid, who knows Biggio well, in one of my summer classes and he now pitches for my alma mater, Texas Tech (he’s just taking some basics with us in the summer).


Do yourself a favor, readers. Use the link supplied by Rick Bush to check out the fine homage he has written for Craig Biggio, our first pure Houston Astros career player to be selected for  induction into the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown next month as one of four members of the 2015 induction class. The other inductees are short-term 1998 Astros pitcher Randy Johnson, plus two other great pitchers, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.

Rick is too laid back modest to have blown his own horn loudly in this matter, but I will most certainly take it upon myself to do it for him, because his genuine modesty is precisely what makes his piece on Biggio appealing. Good research and writing do not have to be served with a dash of writer arrogance.

Congratulations, Rick! If we decide to establish a local SABR Chapter “Rookie of The Year” Award,  I will nominate you for the 2015 honor. In the meanwhile, we, hereby, name you as the 2015 winner of “The Pecan Park Eagle Writer of the Year” award. If we ever get around to funding this honor, we of The Eagle shall make sure you receive an appropriate trophy or plaque that speaks to the physical world of this honor, In the meanwhile, this writing award in spirit should take up no more room than your average air guitar.

May God Bless You – plus your further good research and writing,

Your tribute to Craig Biggio awakens the Spirit of the Pecan Park Eagle, as described in the poem I wrote of it back in 1993:


Oh, would that the warm winds of spring might call us,

One more time, awakening our souls in green renewal

To that visceral awareness of hope and possibility.


To soar once more in spirit, like the Pecan Park Eagle,

High above the billowing clouds of a summer morning,

In flight destiny – to all that is bright and beautiful.

~ excerpt from “The Pecan Park Eagle” by Bill McCurdy, 1993.




One Response to “Rick Bush for SABR Dierker Chapter R.O.Y.”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    You’re too kind, Bill. I’ll simply say ‘thanks’ for the kudos and the publicity for the article & that I feel badly for having to make two corrections: 1) My middle initial is C. (obviously a typo as C and V are right next to each other), and 2) I teach English (you must have “misremembered,” but I do have a great interest in history & not only of the baseball variety). : )
    I’m off for about 6 weeks after today, so I may be able to make the July 20 meeting (there are never any guarantees, though).

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