American League All Stars of 1921

Galveston News AL All Star Picks June 19, 1921 Submiited by Darrell Pitman

Galveston News AL All Star Picks
June 19, 1921
Submitted by Darrell Pittman

OK, It’s 1921. There won’t be an MLB All Star Game for another twelve years, but so what? Baseball fans and writers have been picking league all stars by position from the earliest oozings of organized baseball and this early offering is no exception of one considered judgment. It doesn’t mean that everyone from that era would have been totally in agreement, but I “gotta” tell you, I wouldn’t have minded going to managerial war against the National League with these guys as my offensive cannons, defensive shields, and throwing arms of mass destruction.

Here’s my starting lineup, based upon each player’s 1921 stats:

1) George Sisler, 1st Base (,371 BA, 18 3BH, 12 HR, 104 RB1, 35 SB), St. Louis Browns

2) Ty Cobb, LF (.389 BA, 197 Hits, 37 2BH, 22 SB, 101 RBI) Detroit Tigers

3) Tris Speaker, CF (..362 BA, 183 Hits, 52 2BH), Cleveland Indians

4) Babe Ruth, RF (.378 BA, 204 Hits, 177 R, 168 RBI, 39 2BH, 59 HR), New York Yankees

5) Eddie Collins, 2nd Base (.337 BA, 38 3BH, 3 HR), Chicago White Sox

6) Larry Gardner, 3rd Base (.319 BA, 187 Hits, 32 2BH, 120 RBI), Boston Red Sox

7) Everett Scott, SS (.262 BA, 151 Hits), Boston Red Sox

8) Ray Schalk, Catcher (.252 BA, 0 HR, 47 RBI), Chicago White Sox

9) Stan Coveleski, RH Pitcher (23-13, 3.37 ERA, 99 K) Cleveland Indians

Closer, if needed: Walter Johnson, RH Pitcher (17-14,  3.51 ERA, 143 K, Washington Senators


3 Responses to “American League All Stars of 1921”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    How would you feel about going to managerial war with this year’s AL All Stars, since it appears the KC Royals will be sending seven of their starting eight (no KC pitcher & no denying Mike Trout) out on the field? MLB is going to have to fix the system so that fans can’t stuff the ballot like they’re doing now.
    As for this year’s game, if the AL’s starting lineup consists of seven Royals, then all the NL manager need do is to start Madison Bumgarner to ensure victory.

  2. Cliff Blau Says:

    I don’t know, that’s a lot of left-handed hitters in a row. If the NL All-Star manager comes at you with Eppa Rixey, you could be in trouble.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Ordinarily, I might agree with you, Cliff, but I don’t think these particular left-handed hitters got to the Hall of Fame by only hitting well against right-handed pitchers.

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