How About a Baseball-Only Radio Talk Show?

– Thousands of Main Line, Car-Driving Houston Baseball Fans

If you are a “Cheerio” or “Wheaties” particle, you can only think outside the box for a very short time before you get eaten.

The Pecan Park Eagle is hardly a cereal particle, although one could argue that the depth of our columns sometimes places us in that category. We like to think the generally wading pool depth we deliver on the subjects we embrace is our matter of choice, and not a manifestation of our limitations. We subscribe to the philosophy that column-writing over the Internet manifests from the complex needs of both the writer and the reader, but that in the end, it remains all about communication, and that communication is always about contact for the purpose of dispensing or sharing information that is either educational, entertaining, and/or worthy of interaction on some question of action or change that seems needed.

That mouthful being said, the subject today again is the disappointing state of sports talk radio and the possibility of one suggested remedy that could work, if it is done right by the right savvy people.

Yesterday we had some business out at the Astrodome and the car radio came on tuned to 790 AM where the two former NFL players were already in deep rapture over a football discussion. I punched the button for a change to 610 AM, but all  fell into there were two guys doing a rather expansive post-mortem of the Rockets loss in the NBA basketball finals of a week ago.

As I quickly switched to my big band music station on Sirius Satellite radio, I was also reminded of how pleasant it was to hear Larry Dierker back on the air last weekend in conjunction with the Astros broadcast. Then the thought burst through, again, in just-out-of-the-box cereal form: “Why can’t we have an All Baseball Talk Radio Station – or, at least, a station which does all baseball talk material during the primary rush hour times when people are listening to talk radio. We have no specific data on how many listeners tune in to sports talk radio at home, but our guess is that those folks are about 1% tops. It’s the “out-and-about” driver that keeps radio alive.

Yeah, we know it’s all about market share and the value that programs add to the price of advertising, but we do have a lot baseball fans in this town too. Who among us would not prefer listening to people like Larry Dierker, Bill Brown, Greg Lucas, Jimmy Wynn, Art Howe, just to name a few, along with a baseball-deep knowledgeable guy like Charlie Pallilo, Craig Roberts or Mike Vance thrown into the mix somewhere, over what we have now?

I’m not sure of the actual prime hour ranges such programming would embrace, but the people I’ve just named could figure that out – along with the kind of programming that would work best in sating the appetites of Astros fans and people who really care about the history and rich story lore of the game. The baseball call-in fans, certainly, a smaller number of the baseball fan listening audience, would then have a program choice that spared them long waits on the phone behind football knee injury callers at all of the other places. We think that such a program could attract the thousands of primary baseball fans like the old “bears to honey” metaphor has suggested forever. And the listening needs of these baseball bear fans have been in hibernation on the programming schedules of all other local broadcasters for a very long time.

How about it? Do we simply eat this idea with all the usual dismissive sauce from the “can’t-be-done” company – or does anyone out there have the guts to take this on? The Pecan Park Eagle believes that thousands of Houston area daily car-driving baseball fans would be ecstatic, if you did.


3 Responses to “How About a Baseball-Only Radio Talk Show?”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    All of my AM radio presets would be set to that station – there’d be no need to have any of the other “all Texans all the time” stations programmed anymore.

  2. Bill McCurdy Says:

    When people have something that is important to the column subject, we would prefer they make these comments directly here for all to see, but some insist upon sending them to me as e-mails and I end up having to post them under my name. I like e-mails, folks, but straws that stir the drink need to be posted in the glasses of everyone.

    Here are two comments – one long – one short – both important to the topic:

    “It isn’t just Houston radio that is like this…

    I never liked the pre / post game shows on Houston Sports Radio. They always seem to bash the Astros (even when they do good). It always came off to me that they the pre/post game hosts either knew nothing about baseball or would say whatever they would want to get the fans to call in and make stupid comments about the team.

    Anyway up here in OKC, with the OKC Dodgers off to the best start in all of Minor League Baseball, the sports radio is talking about Basketball and Football. The only time they touch baseball is when a player does something stupid or is caught cheating…

    Its really frustrating.

    Even when spring training was going on it was all about the stupid NFL draft and where the thug/criminal Jamesis Winston was going to be drafted.

    My thought has always hovered on a Baseball Only Podcast. With the knowledge that is in the city of Houston a podcast would be a big hit! They are easy to put together and cost very little. Plus you can easily get sponsorships that would off set any costs that would be needed.

    Baseball podcasts are some of the most downloaded podcasts on the internet.

    anyway. my two cents”

    – Lance Carter

    “Just thought about this today driving to get gas and listening to in the trenches with Koch & Kalu!”

    – Jimmy Disch

  3. Shirley Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Of course, if we lived in Houston we would love the All Baseball Radio Talk Show! That being said, there would be that certain segment of listeners who would complain about nothing being talked about except baseball—–You cannot please everyone, but I would suggest having designated Days for baseball only, and then 1 day for football only, basketball one day, etc. for other lesser important sports! That should satisfy most sports fans and keep the ratings up for profit’s sake! We have a radio station that airs every week day from 9a.m. until 11a.m. a call-in show for sports only with different co-hosts each day and “in studio ” guests on special days or occasions. Some guests are national sports writers, some specific sports announcers, some coaches or managers,etc. this station has had this show for numerous years, so it must be quite popular!

    Must watch our MO. State U. Baseball team play Arkansas in the Super Regional and hopefully the Bears can win 2 of the 3 games and head to the College World Series in Omaha! Sorry Astros are doing away with Tal’s Hill. I’m afraid they may regret it as I envision lots of HR’s flying out of MinuteMaid with the shortened centerfield and higher ERA’s for the pitchers! Time will tell!! Best wishes, Shirley Virdon

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