1921: Baseball in Germany

Submitted by Darrell Pittman Galveston Daily News June 6, 1921

Submitted by Darrell Pittman
Galveston Daily News
June 6, 1921

Maybe we should have kept the games and leagues and all American sports going in Germany for a tad bit longer than we did back in the post-World War I era. We might have redirected history in a lot more favorable direction than the route we ended up forced again to travel. The lessons of history aren’t always that hard to – just hard to pick up. As human beings, with human egos, we most often seem to have a tendency to overestimate our own immunities to lessons that apparently rest in waiting for all those lesson-deserving others, but not for us.

Arrogance is forever our downfall. It’s born again as ego with each physical birth or rebirth of the soul in human form.

The charge of life is always the same, but the outcome for each of us, from time to time, and dependent upon where we are in the learning stream, is quite variable: Each painful experience in life contains a gradient-measured, but large or small learning opportunity for each of us. If we get the lesson, we don’t have to see that particular pain again, but, if we refuse or find ourselves simply disregarding the message because we are still blinded by our arrogance, or, in other words,  the absence of sufficient life-seasoning, we will get to see the pain again until we either get the lesson, go insane in denial, or find our way into jail, or on our way to the cemetery.

“I didn’t come here (to do this car commercial) for a history lesson! _ I came here to WIN!””
~ Blake Griffin
Los Angeles Clippers

So, the next time you watch a TV commercial and see some hotshot NBA player dressed as a Roman conqueror, but he is standing in a Chevy convertible, instead of a chariot, and responding to his director’s reality objections with “I didn’t come here for a history lesson! – I came here to win!”, remember the formula for how this thing works that we have tried to express here today. – If we don’t get the lesson, we don’t get the win – and we get to see the same pain in recurring ad nauseum until we either get the lesson – or the pain gets us.

Speaking of lessons, if you didn’t get the lesson in Houston on Monday about the risks of optional driving in this city on flood days, it’s back for those who missed it today on Wednesday. – 48 hours is all the time some of us will need to conclude that nothing happened to them who drove Monday because of their special immunity to  dangerous weather.

This is Hump Day, all right, but the hump in Houston is fairly saturated this morning under the falling of more steady rain.

So be it – and “Happy Trails to You!”

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