Our Top Ten Thoughts Inspired By Baby Face

Wisdom is not Microwavable

Wisdom is not Microwavable

A 20-year old Texas man has tattooed the face of his baby on his own face to celebrate the infant’s near “brush with death”.


There’s nothing in the Bill of Rights that says a young man cannot do this sort of thing and a lot there to protect his free will to do exactly what he has now done. Same here. We have the equivalent right here at The Pecan Park Eagle to present our list of the Top Ten Thoughts that rushed to mind as soon as the featured photo and story became public:

Our Top Ten Thoughts Inspired By Baby Face

10) Yuk!

9) Dumb and Dumber Rides Again!

8) Who says our American culture is in trouble?

7) That’s great “Dad” – but can you change a diaper?

6) Sooner or later, every parent gets to hear: “Don’t show anybody my baby pictures!” What then?

5) “You don’t have to take me to school, Dad. I can walk five miles easy!”

4) “Why can’t I follow in the footsteps of TV sportscasters like Greg Lucas and Bill Brown?”

3) “Are you sure your real last name isn’t ‘Nelson’?”

2) Wisdom is not microwavable – and some regrets are like tattoos. They are forever.

1) Maury Povich Show Conclusion: “Thanks for appearing on our show today, Baby Face. – There’s no easy way to break this news here, but we have to tell you. – The blood tests are in. And we have been able to determine that you are NOT the father of that child on your face!”


2 Responses to “Our Top Ten Thoughts Inspired By Baby Face”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    My first thought : There goes an argument in favor of involuntary sterilization.

  2. Wayne Roberts Says:

    The human gene pool remains very shallow.

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