Was the West Coast Trip a Picasso Rendering?

Check out the wonderful site that sponsors these images at the column included link.

Check out the wonderful site that sponsors these images at the column included link.

If Pablo Picasso had painted strong-appearing on-the-comeback-trail super-heroic baseball teams, he might have painted the new 2015 Houston Astros as one of the artists at blog.stuttgarter-zeitung.de  rendered these powerful (“see ’em as you need to see ’em images) of Superman and Batman.

Late yesterday afternoon I called the Bob and Peggy Dorrill of SABR residence and got Peg on the phone. Bob was in the showers. I guess he had over-identified with San Diego pitchers while watching the ROOTS cable telecast of the 7-2 Astros win over the Padres at Petco Park in San Diego yesterday. At any rate, I told Peg that I had just awoken from a nightmare-nap in which the Astros had been crushed by the Padres, concluding 1-8 road trip for Houston to the west coast.

Peg set me straight – that the road trip had turned out exactly the opposite of my worst, most foreboding and negative unconscious fears. The surging Astros had won today, 7-2, and now led the AL West by 4.5 games!

Wow! That’s exciting for us Astro fans, but is it for real? – Evan beat writer Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle headlines his game coverage of yesterday’s road trip closer with “Is this real?”

When I finally got Bob Dorrill on the phone, and he’s a guy who has probably watched as much or more baseball than most fans, some of the droll cautions of a tempered observer rose quickly to his also formidable state of slightly bridled optimism. I heard and even felt the waves of measured caution in his expressions: “It’s early in the long season. …. The clubs we played may not be that good …. or they may all simply be in a fortunate-for-us down-spin …. or they are used to the lay-down-and-lose Astros of recent years and were caught by surprise. …. Let’s wait and see how the Astros do after the other clubs see our team more often and make their own adjustments. …. ad nauseum …. ad nauseum …. ad nauseum.

Can’t argue with any of that seasoned logic, Mr. Dorrill. As another veteran of the long season effect as both an earlier Houston Buffs and later Houston Colt .45s/Astros fan, I am well aware of the bleaching effect that the  long season can, and often does exact, upon the rich luster and color of early season success and hope. Any Astros fan who recalls how well the 1979 club was doing as late as the Fourth of July will know instantly what I mean.

Nevertheless – let’s not rob ourselves of hope springing eternal. Those wins on this road trip still count 8-1 in our Astros club’s favor … and they all took place on the enemy’s turf …. and they still count April wins just as much as they do the September wins in determining the final standings of the long season …. and our starting and relief pitching looks so much better …. and we now have several hitters in the lineup with pop in their bats …. and we’ve got a shortstop product at AA ball who is now playing like the second coming of Honus Wagner, Luis Aparicio and Derek Jeter combined …. and we still have little Jose Altuve and his big bat crunching out the double-hit games like spilled pop corn at the old kid movies some of his are old enough to still remember from the Saturdays of our sandlot childhoods.

Let’s ride the wave of Astros hope for as long as it builds and moves toward a beach that looks anything like the eventual playoffs and a return ride to the World Series. We can handle the disappointment of not getting there. But we cannot really live without the hope we embrace for something better in life than what shows up on the local 10:00 PM television news programs.

Go 2015 Astros! – Your hope-dreaming fans adore you!


One Response to “Was the West Coast Trip a Picasso Rendering?”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    I went to the MLB online site with the standings and just stared at the American league West section with Houston in first place. I started to send an email to a friend back east about the Astros road-win streak, but thought it might jinx ’em.

    One Pete Rose observation worth quoting, “You can’t win a pennant in April, but you can lose one.”

    So far so good.

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