Astros in First Place! Give Up, Everybody Else?

HOUSTON 6 6 .500 5-5 W2
OAKLAND 6 7 .462 0.5 4-6 L1
LOS ANGELES 5 7 .417 1.0 4-6 L2
SEATTLE 5 7 .417 1.0 4-6 W2
TEXAS 5 8 .385 1.5 4-6 L2
"I'm not really Mr. Spock, but I certainly don't mind the logical comparison."

“I’m not really Mr. Spock, but I certainly don’t mind the logical comparison.”

Well, what else can we say? If you haven’t been paying close attention, the Astros just took the Los Angeles at Anaheim Angels at Minute Maid Park over the weekend, winning Saturday, 4-0,before adding a 4-3 squeaker win on Sunday. It was enough to give the Astros a 2-1 series win and an early vault into first place in the American League West with the only .500 or above record in their division.

How long can it last? It could last all season. With the long ball hitters coming around and the young pitchers finding their grooves with some help from a much stronger looking bullpen – and Manager Hinch giving us the best performance as a logical man since the days of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, we’re on a boat ride now that could take us Astros fans all the way to the World series – or maybe, even as far as China. Better yet, perhaps this Astros are about “to boldly go where no Astros club has gone before.”

Now, if Mr. Gattis comes around soon and also morphs back into the home run “gadabout” we know he can be, we just may find ourselves with a pretty good run for the money that Mr. Luhnow has invested in roster improvement this year.

Anyway, this is still spring. As Astros fans, let’s be genuinely real fans – and hope for the best. Old man “Reality” is who he is – but nobody has rained on our parade as of yet. And the reality today is, on Monday, April 20, 2015, that the Houston Astros are in first place in the AL West – and that they are all by themselves in that catbird seat. Enjoy the view!

Have a great week too, all of you first place Astros fan winners!


9 Responses to “Astros in First Place! Give Up, Everybody Else?”

  1. Ted Harrington Says:

    Off topic but – After watching the games and the 50th Anniversary of the Astros this past weekend I have come to believe we have done ourselves a great dis-service by tearing down most if not all of the old Baseball Parks. All we have now are pictures or someone’s memories of these old ballparks.

    Would have be awesome if the powers that be would have had atleast one game in the Astrodome to celebrate the Astrodome’s 50th Anniversary.

  2. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Ted – Yes, that would have been a nice gesture. Based on what we saw inside the Astrodome at the 50th Anniversary Party on April 9th, however, an even more awesome feat would have been getting the inside of the Dome into quick shape to host anything soon, beyond the memorial tribute it received,, let alone a baseball game that people paid to actually see.

  3. Fred Soland Says:

    It is fun watching the kids grow up under your watchful eye, only to see them leave the nest and go elsewhere to do their best work. Sadly, this is the case with our Astros. Regarding our occupancy of first place in the West…..”this too shall pass!” Even if Gattis can get his mojo back, there simply do not appear to be enough horses in the tank to keep up with the team I believe will run away and hide in due time in the West…..the Seattle Mariners. I will say this though, the Astros should be much more fun to watch this season.

  4. Fred Soland Says:

    A second comment that is off topic here….but if anyone ever says baseball is not a physical sport, they should talk to the new York Mets this morning. Not sure if any of you saw the game or even heard about it, but yesterday the Mets had a 7th inning from hell!!
    They had just removed starter Matt Harvey and replaced him with reliever Jerry Blevins. There were two men on and no outs. Blevins got the first hitter out without damage. The next hitter hits a line drive back to the mound that hits Blevins in the forearm. He grabs the arm, but has the presence to pick up the ball and scoop it to 1B to get the out, moving runners to second and third. They call timeout and Blevins is attended to on the mound. They remove him from the game with a fractured forearm. They bring in Torres to relieve. He warms up and the game proceeds. Torres promptly uncorks a wild pitch that brings the runner for third heading for home. The runner scores and the trainer is again summoned to the field to attend to catcher Travis d’Arnaud. They then remove him from the game with a fractured wrist. That is two players to the DL in the same inning.

  5. Fred Soland Says:

    Then, one more whacky observation from yesterday’s games. This one in the Oakland – KC game. On Friday, KC lost their shortstop, Alcides Escobar to injury when Brett Lawrie came in cleats high on a slide into second. This did not sit well with the KC fans. So, on Saturday, KC starting pitcher Yordado Ventura, after having been lit up for 5 runs early in the game, and with Brett Lawrie the next hitter up, Venture promptly plunks Lawrie in the ribs with the first pitch and is ejected from the game. No fight broke out, but tempers were flaring. On to Sunday. The umpires were taking measures to stop this storm from happening. When KC player Lorenzo Cain got plunked in the first inning, KC manager Ned Yost started arguing his case that Scott Kazmir should be ejected as Ventura was the day before.. Ned argued too loudly because they ejected him. When pitching coach Dave Eiland echoed Yost’s sentiments, he was ejected…in the first inning. Then, in the 8th inning, KC reliever Kelvin Herrera threw behind Brett Lawrie. The umpires immediately ejected Herrera and acting manager, bench coach Don Wakamatsu. Then, just for good measure, the umps also ejected the injured KC shortstop Alcides Escobar for his comments from the dugout. FIVE ejections for one team, in the same game, and 3/5 of the coaching staff. I suspect there will be an investigation from Joe Torre’s group forthcoming, but I will bet it will be interesting the next time these two teams meet.

  6. Bill Gilbert Says:

    I’ll feel a lot more confident if they are still in first place when return from the tough 9 game road trip to the West Coast that starts tonight.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      It’s now 5:45 PM, Wednesday, April 29, 2015. The Astros just finished a sweep of the Padres, giving them a 8-1 record on the road trip, a 14-7 season record and 4.5 game 1st place lead in the AL West. – Are you feeling better now, Bill?

  7. Mark W. Says:

    Eight in a row after tonight’s win vs. the Mariners. If it seems too good to be true, they say … Nope. I’m going to savor every W while I can.

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