No More Columns Today – April Fool!


Except this material is no “April Fool’s Day Joke”. – It’s the real deal. The Japanese love baseball so much that it also drives their television marketing of goods and services.

Paul Rogers, the author of works on Tris Speaker, Eddie Robinson, and many other subjects, along with being the former Dean and still teaching Professor of Law at SMU, sent me this one from YouTube this morning. Please turn on your sound and give it the two minutes it deserves as testimony to how much the Japanese love, revere, and “get” what the flow and movement of baseball is about to all of us. I’m certainly no Deacon Jones-level hitting coach, but to me, some of the ladies in this TV fantasy foray seem to have rudimentary batting forms that are worthy of MLB prospects.

No fooling. Enjoy. Simply enjoy.

Thanks, Paul – and since you are also on our Pecan Park Eagle column mailing list, here’s a good thing coming back to you on the same day you released this little butterfly of Japanese baseball joy in Dallas.

It really made my day.



2 Responses to “No More Columns Today – April Fool!”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Thanks, Bill. I sent the video to my Japanese-American female cousins in Ohio, who were born in Tokyo. I think they will be as impressed as I was by the batting form of the women.

  2. Jo Hale Says:

    I love BASEBALL

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