Vintage Ball Convention: Too Late To Get There

"BASE BALL TODAY" Late 19th Century By William O. McCurdy

Late 19th Century
By William O. McCurdy


When my namesake pioneering newspaperman grandfather was busy establishing The Beeville Bee back in 1886, he relied almost entirely on local event reports by readers and what they used to call patent news that arrived by stagecoach and train prior to the local coming of the telegraph to that mostly rural part of South Texas between Corpus Christi and San Antonio – just to get our a weekly four-page rag. National ad international news, as a result, was weeks, or sometimes months old, before it reached the rolling flatland prairies of Live Oak, Mesquite and Huisache occupants.

Once in the late 1880s, Grandfather McCurdy received a handwritten, of course, Christmas celebration report from some readers in Port Lavaca. The problem was timing. It reached the humble office of The Bee within a week or so of the following Easter. – We’ve told this story previously, but today it has special bearing on the brief report The Pecan Park Eagle will soon make to each of you.

“The Bee regrets that we will not be able to publish the story received this week on the Christmas ‘doings’  of our readers over in Port Lavaca due to the fact that it is now almost time to celebrate the following Easter. Our readers must ,” Editor McCurdy wrote, “must bear in mind that time has quite a different effect upon local news than it does upon wildcat whiskey. – Local news does not get better with age.”

On that note, The Pecan Park Eagle hereby regretfully reports on an event happening that would not have passed the smell test of Grandfather McCurdy back in 1888.

Starting today, Saturday, March 28, 2015, the Vintage Base Ball Association begins their National Convention in Franklin, Tennessee in gathering of vintage ball clubs and players from all over the country, but most notably, from the Northeast and Midwest sections where it supposedly found its roots for replicated play in 1978. The VBBA itself, as we are told in the following linked article, did not get its start until 1996.

Thank you, friend and SABR colleague, Bill Hickman of Maryland for sending us this information. I must admit to ignorance of the Vintage Base Ball Association as a national organization until I received the information you set me yesterday. I have no excuses. We live in a world today where almost all of the news that’s available on this level of things is only a Google or Yahoo search click away. Under these circumstances, the  news that the VBBA does exist is about the only news item of value here to the members of our Houston Babies, Katy Combine, and Boerne White Sox community.

The news that the national convention starts today in Tennessee sure isn’t wildcat whiskey when delivered to readers in Texas and other places on the same day its set to start.

Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, the good local news for Houston Babies vintage base ball players and fans is this note: The Houston Babies will play their first game of of the season on Saturday, April 11, 2015 in Sealy, Texas as part of that lively little community’s annual spring weekend celebration. I’m reasonably sure that the Katy Combine and the Boerne White Sox will also be on hand to provide doubleheader competition for all three teams involved, starting at 10:00 AM in the morning.

Sealy is just a breezy 50 mile ride west from Houston I-10. So, please join us for the fun, if you can make it. There will be plenty of good food, music, games, and small town good fun for all who seek a joyful spring-soul cleaning and a taste of baseball heart – all in one.

Have a great weekend, everybody! – A week from Easter Sunday, we have no real Christmas stories for you today.


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