Eagles Soar, But They Fly Higher with Angels


Angel Norma

Once Upon a Time in Rockport, Texas …

Angel Norma 2

A gazillion years ago, when our only child Neal was still a little kid, we used to love our late August annual week stays at the Sandollar Motel on the beachfront of Copano Bay in Rockport, Texas. The Sandollar actually is in Fulton, Texas, but the state of mind there is all Rockport, with all the windswept growing oaks along the beach road into a little sleepy Texas coastal town that used to pretty much roll up its sea shell shop sidewalks at 5:00 PM, leaving the night to a few cozy and informal seafood restaurants, cafes, and bars and a sky bursting with a trillion stars to gently lead all visitors through the early part of the night.

The whispering warm winds, the calming of the mind, the chattering screech of the seagulls, the olfactory cachet of sea creatures in the air, and the promise of another beautiful dawn did the other tranquilizing special effects of service to the good night goals of all who came here with one universal desire – to be vacated from the cities – and the face of the world we briefly had left behind on those now departed freeways of congestion and the ugly daily face of the world that we had regularly watched over the media of that day, which was then a much milder version of the 24/7 soaking we may today choose to either endure or ignore on what we now call “social media”. We just called it “television” back in the 1980s. – Remember?

The two versions of this featured photo reappeared for me this morning while I was going through old image files in pursuit of greater digital archives order. This photo is so special to me that the challenge of imposing upon you with another two-column publication day won out over a more tempered option of waiting until summer and a more seasonal time for its message.

The message of this column knows no seasonal boundaries.

My wife Norma is the angel of my life. She isn’t much of a baseball or research and writing fan, but she really “gets” how important those things and the people I love – who are the heart of each area – are so important to me. As a result, this brilliant medical endoscopic nurse – the loving heart who gives of herself to God, family and friends in bonds of words and actions that defy my meager capacities for articulation, she – well, she always seems to be “paying it forward” to life as we live it – and she consistently has given me wide berth in our marriage to do my passion things also – with and without her – with no worry. Our loyalty, fidelity, and commitment to each other is mutually unshakeable.

So, years and years ago, with the serendipitous help of a little seagull that just happened to be flying by and turning toward the back of Norma as I took the image that produced these two copies, I received my early confirmation of the identity of this wonderful woman who had decided (perhaps, daily) to put up with me for the rest of her life.

With or without wings, Norma is the love of my life.


Thanks, God! – And thanks too for our terrific son Neal – who almost got snuffed out of this last summer “selfie” photo by yours truly – and my ineptness at the latest vogue in social photography.

Of course, given a second chance at the "selfie", I was ablt to give up half of me and Norma's chin for more of Neal. - Just further proof that the angel wings shot was either a billion to one shot accident or a divine sign of everything that Norma was to mean to both Neal and me.

Of course, given a second chance at the “selfie”, I was able to give up half of me and Norma’s chin for more of Neal. – Just further proof that the angel wings image was either a billion to one shot accident – or else – a divine sign of everything that Norma was to mean to both Neal and me.


Have a nice Thursday, everybody! – I promise not to write any further columns that will be datelined to February 19, 2015.  Of course, at WordPress, the new publication date begins at 6:00 PM on the previous actual date. – Please keep that in mind.




One Response to “Eagles Soar, But They Fly Higher with Angels”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Bill, it appears that your son is holding something in his right hand to lure the birds. It reminded me of the times in Galveston when we would roll up small bits of bread and toss them into the air. After a while, dozens of seagulls would be wheeling round and swooping down to snatch the bread. Rarely did anything hit the ground. Having scores of birds circling and dive bombing always reminded me of the frightening scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds.

    It appears you have a very happy family.

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