Once Upon a Future Time Machine

Someday, we'll do it more than ... ONCE UPON A ... future ... TIME MACHINE!

Someday, we’ll do it more than …
… future …

As anyone who ever took a course or studied basics physics already knows, the light images of our earthly past are out there from yesterday’s views to billions of light years away in space. They are a pulsating sequence of light images that inherently show all features, organic entities, activities, and patterns of motion from the big bang to now to forever.

When our technology and genius catches up to the task, it is possible that we shall one day have some high quality HD digital moving images from recaptured light from earth of everything from an event like the Gettysburg Address – to that dance where your great-great grandmother first met your great-great grandfather. As for the problems of recapturing the sound that goes with them, we hall have to leave that problem also to the geniuses that will solve the elementary process of recapturing lost sound waves.

In the meanwhile, check out what some have done to digitize high resolution natural light color into these old originally black and white negative still shots from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

My favorites are the street view of 1864 Atlanta and the late 19th century street scenes of New York City.

Thanks again to Father Gerald Beirne for sending us this virtual portal through the mind of H.G. Wells in the past to the digital wizards of today and, finally, back to the future.

Click the following link and buckle your seat belts for a really fun ride back in time:



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