Random Harvest: Two SABR Meeting Reflections

A lot of random reckonings burst forth in our minds and quiet dinner conversations at our monthly Houston SABR meetings that never see the light of day and, perhaps, the same fate should have befallen two that come to mind with yours truly today. But I can’t resist. The second subject here actually didn’t reach full germination until this morning and it sort of dragged the first anecdote along with it – sort of like “friendly fire” cover, most supposedly.

Larry Miggins’ Reflections on Babe Ruth’s Return to God on His Death Bed



At the January 19, 2015 SABR meeting, our wonderful former Houston Buff and dearest friend Larry Miggins had some good things to say about how the notoriously compulsive Babe Ruth got his act together during his days of terminal illness with cancer and made his peace with God. We also hope and believe that outcome to be true. It simply didn’t stop some of us from remembering that Babe’s most interesting and humorous stories occurred prior to the time of his spiritual salvation in the Name of the Lord.

Babe always had the spirit. It simply took more hedonistic paths for most of his life. His own version of “looking for love in all the wrong places” had a lot to do, many of us think, with his years in the Baltimore boys’ home and the absence of two strong loving parents and a sense of blood family in his early life. As one result, he never forgot the kids as a great ballplayer and would go out of his way anonymously to show up at orphanages and hospitals in the hope of bringing a little loving cheer to the lost and lonely kids. He simply did not know how to give that same love to himself. He sought it in base ways that never are what the seeker hopes they will be.

Chemical, physical, or sexual attractions always share these features in common for those who are pulled into them like metal flakes to a magnet: (1) They work instantly to create an immediate false state of well being; (2) They never last long; (3) They are capable of shifting their disguise so that the seeker holds onto the illusion that he or she is still making a decision when, in fact, he or she is not doing anything but responding to a powerful psychological dependency or chemical addiction; and (3) They are not love or the fulfillment of our purposes in life.

When Babe Ruth was young, there is no question in my day-job mind that my childhood hero was such an addict. Food, whiskey, and women were his instant fixes for that huge empty-of-love feeling he carried within him. And that brings me to the thought I had this past Monday when my friend Larry Miggins spoke of the Babe’s late spiritual recovery.

During The Babe’s days with the Yankees, when the club would settle into their St. Louis hotel (and certainly other AL cities too), he would ask some of his teammates if they wanted to go with him to the “convent” to say hello to the “nuns”. It simply wasn’t a real convent he spoke about – and the ladies who lived there were not nuns.


A New Limerick That We Can Actually Publish Here

MEGAHN TRAINOR "All About that Base' 'Bout that Bass, No Treble!

“All About that Base’ ‘Bout that Bass,
No Treble!”

Also during dinner at the January 19, 2015 SABR meeting, friend and fellow SABR member Mike McCroskey and I got into a discussion about Limerick, Ireland, a place from which we both may be able to trace our families back to some close point of shared origin. We were lightly bemoaning the difficulties involved in producing new Limerick poetry today. The old stuff was grossly raunchy and disrespectful – and neither of us want any part of that. – We just hate to see the limerick lost as an expressive art form.

This morning, however, my mind clicked upon a new limerick that almost passes the smell test as decent, even though it uses the infamous set-up town name a certain new singer hails from in the body of this work. When I heard on ABC’s Morning Show today that teen singing star Meghan Trainor was actually from a place called Nantucket, the thing just poured out in a synthesis of limerick and song.

Hey! I’d never even heard the girl’s name until this report. All I knew of her prior to this morning was the sound of that annoying song she sings that every now and then creeps into my negative sensory awareness via television.

At any rate, here’s my inspiration from the latest rude awakening:


There once was girl from Nantucket,

Whose song was so bad she should suck it!

But when I screamed shut-up, Meghan Trainor went butt-up,

And just starting singing ’bout basses!


Because you know she’s all about that bass,

‘Bout that bass, no treble

She’s all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble

She’s all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble

Now I’m all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass


No trouble.



Serendipity from the Fact of Having Readers Like Tom Hunter
Limerick City, Ireland

Limerick City, Ireland

These worthy and mentally agile limericks arrived as comment section contributions by former Houstonian Tom Hunter, now of Denver. By quality, substance, and length, these two limerick submissions deserve to be up here in what passes for the limelight section of The Pecan Park Eagle:

There was a young woman from Bright

Who traveled much faster than light

She left one day,  in a relative way

And returned on the previous night.


There was a faith healer from Deal

Who said although pain isn’t real

When I sit on a pin, and it punctures my skin

I dislike what I fancy I feel.


Thanks, Tom!

Sincerely, Your Buddy, Bass-Hammered Bill
Have a great rainy Thursday in Houston, everybody!



3 Responses to “Random Harvest: Two SABR Meeting Reflections”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    There was a young woman from Bright/ Who traveled much faster than light/ She left one day in a relative way/ And returned on the previous night.

    There was a faith healer from Deal/ Who said although pain isn’t real/ When I sit on a pin and it punctures my skin/ I dislike what I fancy I feel.

  2. Tom Murrah Says:

    A wonderful “Harvest” like this one makes it difficult to imagine ever missing a SABR meeting again! Such inspiration….thanks, Bill.

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