Welcome to Houston Coach Tom Herman

Tom Herman

That 42-20 whipping that the Ohio State Buckeyes put on the Oregon Ducks at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas last night in the first NCAA Division 1 Football Playoff-based Championship Series also came home with the cachet of that win spilling into Houston too, once the man, the now and finally departing offensive coordinator Tom Herman wakes up, even as we may be writing, and gets on the road to his new job at UH off the Gulf Freeway at Cullen Boulevard here in Houston as head football coach at UH. – Come on home, Tom, we Cougars welcome you for as long as you will have us. We are just fortunate that UH hired you when they did – and did not wait until after the game last night to tender an offer. Winning a national championship tends to promote second thoughts about leaving any job associated with the effort – and certainly could have added a few rings to the bell or digits to the bottom line of what it might now take to get your name on a brand new coaching contract.

As a Cougar family, we’ve got to thank our lucky stars for your decision to come here as our new football coach – and for the way UH snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Armed Forces Bowl against Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago.  – What a setup this is turning out to be at UH – both for recruiting and season ticket sales. The Cougar Den is all abuzz this morning – as it used to be and that’s as it should be.

Some of Herman’s early hires for his coaching staff look great too. Thanks, Tom, for bringing in Major Applewhite as your first offensive coordinator.  We’ve always liked this guy at our house for his record at UT, his intelligence, and for that Longhorn cachet from their long winning winning history – the same one they are on the way to regaining if the “good ole boys” among the old school UT powerful alumni will simply be patient with now-moving-into-his-second-year as head coach, Charlie Strong. Welcome, Major! Just remember who you are now recruiting for when you hit the door bells at each signee-prospect’s house.

I don’t have much time or anything else that really needs to be said this morning. I’m just happy with the way things seem to be shaping up for UH today. Who knows how how long we will be able to keep Tom Herman, if he’s as successful as he probably is going to be, but we Cougars will take the honey for as long as it drips. (Wait a minute! It’s bears that go for the honey – not Cougars. That’s why UH lost former coach Art Briles to Baylor and …. I guess the Texas A&M coach (old whatz-his-name) is a bear in disguise too.)

We seem to have awakened at UH to the fact we will need to pay more to get more and keep what’s good in the new coaches we find. Tom Herman will be getting more than any coach the university has ever paid. And we can only hope that a strategy and future money round-up plan is already in place for trying to keep him when the time comes, as we know it will, when some other NCAA Division 1 Daddy Warbucks school comes along to wrestle him from our always-in-the-past fleeting, feeble, and under-financed  grasp.

Even if that happens again, we’ve come around after this past season to our agreement with the long of tooth UH alumnus who expressed this reason for wanting to fire Tony Levine after UH opened the new stadium in 2014 with an embarrassing loss to UTSA. He said it on the elevator, on our way to going down after the game, after I reminded him that there didn’t seem to be any point to overpaying at UH for a good coach who was going to leave us, anyway, when the right offer came along from a big name school.

“That’s OK,” said the wizened UH fellow alum. “Let him go when the time comes. I’d rather see us have a good coach for two years than a bad coach for ten.”

Welcome to Houston and UH, Tom Herman – and please – don’t ever accept any phone calls from Steve Patterson over in Austin.




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