Karmic Redemption for UH in Fort Worth II

January 2, 2015 ~ One for the UH Cougar Memory bank ~

January 2, 2015
~ One for the UH Cougar Memory bank ~

Maybe it was the counter-karma working, but I accidentally deleted the column I wrote on Saturday, January 3, 2015 about the major and astonishing comeback of my UH Cougars in the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth the previous day. Trailing 31-6 with about 12 minutes to go – and down still by 34-13 with less than 4 minutes to go, the Cougars came clawing back on the QB arm of Greg Ward, Jr., then a TD catch by Demarcus Ayers (29 yards) that came sandwiched between TD catches of 8 and 25 yards by Deontay Greenberry, plus a 2-point conversion catch by Greenberry after his last TD catch that gave UH a 35-34 lead with under a minute to go over the Pittsburgh Panthers sealed the deal. Pitt made a valiant effort to reach a winning field goal kick range in their final minute, but four incomplete passes, one on a dropped pass that would have set them up for the FG, ended the day with an incredible 25-34 comeback victory. The triumph stands as the 5th greatest comeback from the biggest point deficit to victory in college bowl game history. Two successful onside kicks by Houston in those last waning moments made victory possible for the Cougars.

Pitt had kicked a field goal with 6:14 minutes to go to take a 34-3 lead. By the time their offense again saw the ball, Pitt trailed 35-34 with 59 seconds to go, That’s powerful.

It took 36 years and 1 day for UH to reverse their sad collapse against Notre Dame in the January  1, 1979 Cotton Bowl, but they did it – and in almost a perfect statistical and time phase rally that even bettered their 1979 collapse. In 1979, the Cougars led Notre Dame 34-13 with 7 and 1/2 minutes to go, but still lost on a last minute TD pass from Joe Montana to Chris Haynes, plus an extra point kick, that gave the Irish a 35-34 victory. In 2015, the Cougars trailed Pittsburgh 34-13 with 3:42 minutes to go when their 3-TD scoring flurry amidst 2 successful on-sides kicks gave them the 35-34 lead what would hold as the UH measure of victory after 59 seconds of rally threat by Pitt.

Hopes are now high for a Cougar resurgence next season under new head coach Tom Herman, the departing offensive coordinator at Ohio State University, one of the two finalists schools along with Oregon whom they meet on Monday night, January 12th for the NCAA National championship in football.

My apologies to Tom Hunter and Wayne Roberts who both wrote nice congratulatory comments to the the UH Cougars for having pulled this one out. Tom is an old Cougar, like me. Wayne is a fair-minded Longhorn who is patiently going through UT’s in-depth resurgence under Charlie Strong, who is, as far I’m concerned, one of the finest quality guys in coaching – and a guy who will lead the Longhorns back to prominence in the time that is actually needed for solid growth. I lost your comments too, but I didn’t lose your sentiments. Thanks, guys.

Without the little charts I used the first time, here it is again. It will be dated today, Tuesday, January 6, 2015. The original column date of Saturday, January 3, 2015 now looks as blank online as any of my vacation days ever looked.




Now have a great day with the big news:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


…. along with Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz!!!!


2 Responses to “Karmic Redemption for UH in Fort Worth II”

  1. Fred Soland Says:

    My only regret of the day is that Jeff Bagwell was also elected to the HOF today. It would have been fitting for the two most prodigious Killer B’s to have been enshrined together in the hallowed halls.

  2. Fred Soland Says:

    The previous post should have read “Bagwell was not also elected”

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