The Hall: A Review


“The Hall” – a 611 pages (through the index section) hard cover exposition of every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame – is virtually equal to the brick and mortar property in Cooperstown itself, complete with body and soul treatment of what the place is about by some of the notables of the game – with a first-pitch forward by distinguished media icon Tom Brokaw that sets everything up with an eloquent introduction as to why The Game and this book are both important. Almost anonymously written in great detail by the National Baseball Hall of Fame people – and published by Little & Company, the only item that doesn’t come with your copy of this masterful huge page treatment of each Hall member in script and pictures is the book stand needed for comfortable reading. –  It’s a big book, ten pounds, if it’s an ounce – and very hard to position for comfortable reading unless you are sitting at your desk or dining room table. Big pillows beside you work in bed for reading yourself into the Land of Happy Baseball Nod.

The book was produced to mark the 75th anniversary of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. It features a complete registry of all the inductees and their individual plaques, the photographs and biographies for each honoree that we referenced earlier, as well as essays by living Hall of Famers Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron, Tommy Lasorda, Cal Ripken Jr. and others. The first printing was limited to 25,000 hardback copies, far fewer the number of us out here who will certainly enjoy everything about it – other than the physical challenge of finding a comfortable reading position.

If readers spend only a day on each enshrined member for the better part of the next two years, these blessed few can plan their first or next visit to the Hall of Fame – or attend one of those special new induction summer weekends – well prepared to get more out of their time in the actual “Hall” than they ever dreamed possible.

The cover price of $35.00 for the book has dropped to about $22-$23 on several Internet ordering sites – and there’s also the digital version of “The Hall” out there now going for about $16 that solves the problem for readers who are happy “having” a book they don’t actually possessive in real time three-dimensional form. I am not among those virtual edition patrons and probably never will be – but I will confess to this one regret. – It would sure be easier sorting out a lifetime of collected books for further disposition these days had they all come to me over the years in digital format, but, of course, that would have been impossible. We didn’t even have television, let alone microwaves and computers, when I acquired my first baseball book.

Get the book. Enjoy. And, in case we missed you earlier – HAPPY NEW YEAR too!


One Response to “The Hall: A Review”

  1. Dennis Corcoran Says:

    Happy New Year Bill and thanks again for your nice review and mentioning it here. I want to get the HoFame’s Book and I’ll consider getting it from Amazon.

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