The Priest and The Rabbi

Once again the seasonal blessings of a good Christmas story have fallen upon the eaves of The Pecan Park Eagle house like the gentle rain that fell upon Houston today. Thanks to our good friend in both Christ and SABR, Father Gerald Beirne, who sent us this delightful story of two friends, a priest and a rabbi, who settled into the enjoyment together of sharing psychological strategies for dining out at no cost. We have elected here to forgo any comment on the ethics and integrity of two men of the cloth who would actually engage in this sort of thing because the humorous payoff here is too precious to waste. As per usual, the author is unknown, but don’t let that stop you. Thank Father Beirne – and enjoy!

 The Priest and The Rabbi

 A priest says to his friend, the rabbi, that he has a perfect way of eating for free in restaurants.
“I go in at well past 9 o’clock in the evening, eat several courses slowly, linger over coffee, port and a cigar.  Come 2 o’clock, as they are clearing everything away, I just keep sitting there until eventually a waiter comes up and asks me to pay.
Then I say: ‘I’ve already paid your colleague who has left.’ Because I am a man of the cloth, they take my word for it, and I leave.”
The rabbi is impressed, and says: “Let’s try it together this evening.”
So the priest books them into a restaurant and, come 2 o’clock, they are both still quietly sitting there after a very full meal.
Sure enough, a waiter comes over and asks them to pay. 
The priest just says:  “I’ve already paid your colleague who has left.”
And the rabbi adds:  “And we are still waiting for the change!”


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