A Recipe for Craig Biggio’s HOF Induction

Craig Biggio is a close 2nd place in the all time career HBP category.

Craig Biggio is a close 2nd place in the all time career HBP category.

One Recipe for Craig Biggio’s Hall of Fame Induction.

Please follow the instructions carefully:

1) Take all the active voting members of the Baseball Writers of America and boil their heads in water for three to five years.

2) At the same time, marinate Craig Biggio’s qualifications through an audio visual device that will be ready for presentation whenever the voters’ brains have been softened to a receptivity level on the matter  of Mr. Biggio’s deserved induction into the Baseball Hall f Fame.

3) After the head-boiling period, take any remaining resistance from voters with a grain of salt.

4) The brain-softening and well-marinated material presentation will come together as the perfect time for a positive vote in Mr. Biggio’s behalf.

5) Take the vote and wait three minutes for a persuasive ballot in favor of Mr. Biggio.

6) Wait for at least one of the voters to shout: “Why didn’t we think of this man three to five years ago – when he first became eligible for our vote?”

7) Place the news of Craig Biggio.s  HOF selection on social media and wait five minutes for the first one million tweets of approval.

7) Allow Mr Biggio 24 hours for a normal resumption of all bodily functions and , Voila, prepare the candidate’s plaque for installment in Cooperstown.

Too bad it’s not that simple. Last night during the 5-3 Jose Altuve-aided 5-3 American League victory, I kept up my multitasking hobby of playing with stats while I’m watching televised baseball. I decided to check on how many of the straightforward offensive career categories I could find that included Craig Biggio among the Top 100 Players of All Time. I came up 13 categories in which that were true. Only one of the main categories, strikeouts, was a negative achievement. The rest were all a combination of longevity and ability. Here’s a table that best illustrates them:

The 13 Career Categories in Which Craig Biggio is among the Top 100 Players of All Time

AT BATS 10,876 13
RUNS 1,844 14
HITS 3,060 20
WALKS 1,160 65
STRIKE OUTS 1,753 20
TOTAL BASES 4,711 33
Craig Biggio: During his post-career St. Thomas High School caching peios in which he led the Eagles to two state championships.

Craig Biggio: During his post-career St. Thomas High School caching peios in which he led the Eagles to two state championships.

Craig Biggio could have finished first in the HBP category had he managed 3 more arm bunts off his protective sleeve. As it played out, however, he had to settle for 2nd behind Hugh Jennings of the dead ball era who had 287.

As for those who brush away any positive record that spawns from longevity, I take issue. A guy doesn’t play for 20 years and earn top dollar without being far better than good, I don’t think.If you care to labor over the way Baseball Almanac portrays the data in every category, you will find the place over run with Hall of Famers in the top 100 groups for each positive category.

Craig Biggio deserves to be n the Baseball Hall of Fame and let’s hope the BBWA members soften their heads to see it that way too in 2015. Otherwise, we may need to think about boiling over 200 plus big pots of water. Like a lot of other fans, The Pecan Park Eagle’s angst is undoubtedly going to continue experiencing these little flare-ups until the writers make it right and vote Craig Biggio into Cooperstown where he already belongs.

Have a nice hump day, everybody!





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  1. oosorio456 Says:

    2015 should be the year

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