Rice Adopts “2 Birds on Bat” Theme

Old Theme, New User.

Old Theme, New User.

If you watched the local TV sports part of the Tuesday night news, like me, you may have gotten your first look at the new Rice Owls wearing their new alternate jerseys. The new look lands an old theme, the classic “two birds on a bat” design originated by the St. Louis Cardinals some time near the turn of the 20th century.

This time, the two bat-perching birds are owls, of course, and they are looking straight at you. (Amend that last statement to read: “They are looking straight at WHO? … WHO? … WHO?'”) Personally, I like them as the Owls do them. In this instance, imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery. You, of course, may not either agree or even care.

Here’s a link to a related story about the style addition:


Not incidentally, the Owls wore those new uniforms Tuesday night, 2/18/14, to defeat Texas State, 4-3, and bring Coach Wayne Graham to his 1,000th win as a college coach at Rice. Grahams’ overall Rice record is now 1,000 wins and 401 losses for a winning percentage of .714 and the fourth best record among active Division I coaches.

Congratulations, Coach Graham!…  Congratulations, Owls! …. And Go, UH Cougars! ….. TSU! … HBU! …. and anyone else in the Metro region that already has the game going on the field for 2014. Let’s ring in the baseball season by supporting the local college game …. and the high school and youth program games too!

We are baseball. And we are still The National Pastime with our brothers and sisters until the day comes we give up all the little things that attracted us to passing time at the ball game in the first place.


3 Responses to “Rice Adopts “2 Birds on Bat” Theme”

  1. Dr. Baseball Says:

    They look great! They helped get Wayne his 1,000th last night.

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    Eddie Dyer played for the Rice Owls as well as the St. Louis Cardinals, who are famous for the the “2 Birds on a Bat” theme. He also managed St. Louis to a World Series title in 1946 and later helped coach the Rice baseball team, when he returned to complete his degree. I think he would approve.

  3. Brian Reading Says:

    Houston beat those Owls yesterday. Go Cougars! A 4-0 start to the season, and already a win over a top 15 team. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be ranked in the top 25 come next week.

    On another note, I think it’s odd that the Rice jersey has both “Rice” and “Owls” at the same time. Not common to see that, and I personally dislike it. The birds on the bat is a nice touch though.

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