$12,000,000 Store Open for Business

The Original Foley's ~ as it appeared on Opening Day in 1947 ~

The Original Foley’s
~ as it appeared on Opening Day in 1947 ~


FOLEY”S in HOUSTON: $12,000,000 Store Open for Business

HOUSTON, TEX, October 21, 1947 (UP) –

The $12,000,000 Foley’s Department Store, hailed as the world’s first new department store in 20 years and the nation’s finest, opened its doors Monday to thousands of impressed Texans and distinguished visitors from all over the country.

Mayor Oscar Holcombe cut the wide ribbon that stretched across the main entrance to the windowless, seven-story Minnesota limestone structure which embodies tomorrow’s merchandising methods.

The ultra-modern store, covering an entire city block, features a five-story parking garage where customers may pickup their parcels which have been transported to the garage by an ingenious system of chutes and conveyor belts.

Fred Lazarus, Jr. of Cincinnati, president of Federated Department stores; Max Levine, Foley’s president, and C.E. Naylor, Houston Chamber of Commerce president, also took part in the opening ceremonies at noon.

… United Press (UP), Lubbock (TX) Evening Journal, October 21, 1947, Page 9


Foley's-Macy's ~ on its last day in 2013 ~

~ on its last day in 2013 ~





3 Responses to “$12,000,000 Store Open for Business”

  1. Bob Hulsey Says:

    Well, if they can’t preserve the Astrodome, what hope is there for a 60-year-old department store?

  2. Mark W. Says:

    Fond memories of roaming around in that store as a teenager. Colt .45 second baseman Joe Morgan signed his photo for me in there. Still have it. Mickey Mantle signed a copy of “The Mick” for me in Foley’s Sharpstown in 1985; and Hank Aaron signed a copy of “I Had A Hammer” for me in Bookstop on Shepherd in the 1990s (formerly the Alabama Theater, now Trader Joe’s). It’s dawning on me that the time for my own demolition must be getting closer.

    ” all things end under heaven, and if temporality is held to be invalidating, then nothing real succeeds.”
    –John Updike

  3. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Yup, great memories of that place with my parents. Now JC Penney and Sears and going away because our future is in the transient 24 month lifespan of a mall store or kiosk, or on line somewhere in Pakistan. I never walk the aisles of Amazon.com like I did the Foley’s book section or the old Brown Bookstore on Fannin (before it became a technical services bookstore if it’s even still there).

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