Buff Biographies: Harry Elliott

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Harry Elliott

Harry Elliott

Sadly this morning, I’ve only now learned that one of my favorite former Houston Buffs from the 1953 club died this past summer. At the age of 89, Harry Elliott passed away on August 9, 2013 in his home town of Little River, Kansas.

Outfielder Harry Elliott (BR/TR) (5’9″, 175 lb.) was a slashing line drive power hitter who posted a career minor league batting average of .326 over 7 seasons (1951-54, 1956-58) that also included 205 HR. His greatest season in the minors came early when he hit .391 in 139 games for the 1951 Alexandria Aces of the Evangeline League. By 1954, Elliott banged out a .350 average for San Diego of the AAA Pacific Coast League in 168 games.

Harry had a short dip into the MLB coffee grind while he was in the Cardinal system, batting a career .256 with only 2 HR as a pinch hitter/left fielder with St. Louis of the National League during the seasons of 1953 and 1955. Back then, playing left field behind another guy named Stan Musial was no speed lane to the big time. Elliott spent the entire season of 1955 with St Louis in 1955, but he was sent down to Houston in 1953 after only 28 games of play off the Cardinal bench. Harry’s arrival in Houston was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dull and gray hum-drum 6th place Buffs Texas League season. Elliott batted .328 with 8 HR in 115 games during his only Buffs 1953 season.

Harry Lewis Elliott was born December 30, 1923 in San Francisco, but he graduated from Watertown High School in Minnesota before attending the University of Minnesota prior to the start of his baseball career. When he broke into the big leagues on August 1, 1953, his start occurred exactly 60 years and 8 days prior to his passing from this life.


Harry Elliott was an animated and spirited figure, moving productively in the foreground of the otherwise mostly gray and hapless 1953 Buffs. The Pecan Park Eagle is certain that his family must have experienced much of that energy too in their own relationships with him and that he is very missed by whomever he left behind.

Rest in Peace for now, Harry Elliott. – With a little faith, hope, and heart, – and some good old fashioned baseball luck – the herd will ride again,

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One Response to “Buff Biographies: Harry Elliott”

  1. jprice2000 Says:

    I was saddend to hear of Harry`s passing. My Father played
    with Mr. Elliot in the Evangeline League with Alexandria in 1951.
    Harry was also a part-time catcher for the Aces that year.
    My Dad sang his praise because he would call for a curve ball
    on a 3-2 count. He also, told the story of Mr. Elliot`s obbsession
    with carrots. He was convinced they improved his eyesight.
    Rest in Peace, Harry

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