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J.C. Hartman Today!

J.C. Hartman Today!

J.C. Ballplayer

J.C. Ballplayer

Shortstop J.C. Hartman was one of three men who played for both the last Houston minor league club and the first Houston major league team. The others were First Baseman Pidge Browne and pitcher Dave Giusti. Each man played for the 1961 last Houston Buffs team and then for the 1962 first Houston Colt .45’s club.

J.C. Hartman (6’0″, 175 lb) (BR/TR) was bon on April 15, 1934 in Cottonton, Alabama. He broke into baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs in 1955, ending up as the shortstop choice for the West in the 1955 Negro League All Star Game. His playing contract was sold to the Chicago Cubs from there, but further professional baseball was held off after a single season in Class C BALL while Hartman honored a draft invitation from the U.S. Army in 1957-58. His 1957 Fort Collins team won the All Army team championship for that year and J.C. also had a chance to team with future Country and Western singer Charley Pride and future San Francisco Giant Willie Kirkland on that military base club.

Over the course of his entire 10-season minor league career (1956, 1959-67). Hartman batted a hefty .280 with 32 homers. In his only 1961 season with the Houston Buffs, J.C. batted .259 with 6 H in 144 games.

J.C. Cop

J.C. Cop

In his two MLB seasons (1962-63), both with the new Houston Colt .45’s, J.C. Hartman batted only .185 with 0 HR in an MLB career total of 90 games. His great attitude and defense wee good enough to get him a big league shot, but his bat killed his chances for longevity.

After baseball, J.C. Hartman settled here and began a law enforcement career in 1973 as a member of the Houston Police Department. He became the first black officer ever promoted to a HPD supervisory position and he takes great pride in that fact. He also married his wife Jamesetta in Houston in 1961.  The couple then had a boy and a girl together they named Jay Clayton and Jessica – and everyone lived happily ever after.

J.C. Hartman was also a successful business man and investor. “I’ve been fortunate enough to have purchased several apartment complexes, in Houston. Now, I spend a lot of my time maintaining the apartments. There is always something to do.”

J.C. Landlord

J.C. Landlord

In 2006, J.C. Hartman added “author” to his list of occupational titles when he wrote and published his life story as “Field’s Way: Through the Negro Leagues -> Major Leagues -> Law Enforcement.” What the book lacks in professional editorial and publication assistance, it makes up for it in the presentation of genuine stories of fun from a man who really took his best shot at life and made the best of everything that broke right for him along the way.

The book is still available though Amazon and I thoroughly recommend it as a true work of a good man’s heart.

Continued Good luck in All Things, J.C. Hartman – and stay as young as you look today – for as long as you can.

At age 79, you are an inspiration to us all.

"J.C. Author" Hartman with "The Pecan Park Eagle" in 2008.

“J.C. Author” Hartman with “The Pecan Park Eagle” in 2008.

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3 Responses to “Buff Biographies: J.C. Hartman”

  1. Lawrence Simmons Says:

    Hello JC, this is Lawrence Simmons from Inkster MI we were looking up old friends and I found you my number is 313-563-1795. My brother is Melvin Simmons who lives in Tucson, AR now 520-250-1371

  2. Daniel Cardenas Says:

    It was an honor to meet you this morning.
    I’m definitely buying your book!
    Peace and Love brother!

  3. Carolyn Cooke Says:

    Good morning. I met a young man who told me you and he meet morning at a dounut shop reach morning
    This young man is a Blues drummer in a club off Kirby. We talked and I by way of marriage related to Larry Doby

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