John Royal’s Memo to Reid Ryan

The Infamous MMP Signs: John Royal of the Houston Press joins The Pecan Park Eagle in Also Saying, "Take 'Em Down!"

The Infamous MMP Signs: ~ John Royal of the Houston Press joins The Pecan Park Eagle in also saying, “Take ‘Em Down!” Put them somewhere they don’t destroy the field view.

John Royal of The Houston Press is a no-nonsense, cut to the chase kind of writer on issues facing Houstonians who has now turned his attentions to the doleful Houston Astros and their bright and shiny new president, Reid Ryan. Royal has come up with five things he believes strongly that the Astros should do immediately to start turning around their descent from public consciousness and caring – while there’s still time for effort to matter in the short-term.

Pick up the current edition of The Houston Press – or check out John Royal’s article at this link:

The Pecan Park Eagle stands behind John Royal and the The Houston Press 100% on this one – especially on that number one suggestion for removing the uglification of those view-destroying, putrid gray signs hanging in left field.

Here are the titles for Royal’s Top Five things that President Ryan and the Astros should and could do now, but please read John’s article for the full expression of his viewpoint:

5) No More Dynamic Pricing

4) Get a Deal with CSN Houston Already

3) Celebrate Real Fans

2) Chop Food Prices

1) Get Rid of the Damn Sign(s)

Have a nice Tuesday, Everybody. And please keep your prayers, positive thoughts, and donations heading north to our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma. Ugly views at the ballpark pale measurably in comparison to the real life horror aftermath the tornado victims are facing this morning.

My apologies: Earlier today. I introduced this column with a photo of the late Larry Miggins and a man I mistakenly identified as John Harris, whom I have never met. The other man in the photo was John Lomax, formerly of the Houston Press, whom I have come to fully appreciate for his written works on our Houston Babies and his soulful coverage of the tragic death of our baseball brother, the wonderful Larry Joe Miggins. My apologies to all for a very human mistake – and thank you good friend Mike Vance for catching it on one bounce. Thanks to all of  you too for your understanding. Heck, if I were perfect, I’d be writing for the Houston Chronicle, right?

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