Browns at Heart

Maybe it was the orange signage in the background at PNC Park that framed their comical losing play. Maybe it was the growing possibility that the Houston Astros may soon go places with season losses that even defied the creative losing capacities of the old St. Louis Browns. Maybe it’s the new orange-tinged Astros uniform scheme that reminds of the Browns. Maybe it’s the fact that both the Browns and the Astros have shown a preference for minor league talent rosters. Maybe it’s the Astros fan fear that the Astros will eventually sell off any player who gets too good to play cheap. Maybe it’s just the way the Astros keep coming up with new ways to lose games. Who knows?

Whatever it is – it’s ringing the connection bell between the Houston Astros and the old St. Louis Browns pretty good.

Are the Astros sort of mutating into something like the “Browns at Heart”?

What follows the art pictorial of last night’s dumb and dumber 5-4 loss to Pittsburgh is a parody of that ancient Frank Sinatra song, “Young at Heart”. The lyrics below will fit that tune as they also pursue the possibility that the Astros may be in motion in 2013 to now becoming the “Browns at Heart”.

With 2 outs in the 9th, Elmore & Paredes of the Astros team up on a dropped pop fly that allows the Pirates to score the winning run from 3rd. Are they "Browns at Heart"?

With 2 outs in the 9th, Elmore & Paredes of the Astros team up on a dropped pop fly that allows the Pirates to score the winning run from 3rd. Are they “Browns at Heart”?

Browns at Heart (a parody set in motion to the tune of that old song, “Young at Heart”

Fairy tales – don’t come true – it won’t  happen for you,
If they’re Browns at Heart.
For it’s hard – you will find – to see fertile of mind,
If they’re – Browns at Heart.

Astro minds – hit extremes – with impossible schemes,
Try to laugh – as your dreams – fall apart at the seams,
And life gets more frustrating – with each passing day,
But you can’t watch ’em on the TV – anyway.

Don’t you know – they’re not worth – every treasure on earth,
If they’re Browns at Heart.
For as old – as you are – it’s just bending your bar,
To see – Browns at Heart.

And if you – should survive – past their loss 105,
Look at all – they’ll deprive – out of being alive!
And here is the worst part – you had a head start,
If you paid your hard-earned bucks on – Browns at Heart.

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8 Responses to “Browns at Heart”

  1. Matt Rejmaniak Says:

    That was a horrible excuse of an Astros loss on Friday night. They’ve reached a new low!!!

  2. Bob Hulsey Says:

    The 1962 Mets (40-120) wore orange and the 2003 Tigers (43-119 with Carlos Pena as their first baseman) wore orange. Not that I think orange is the reason they were bad.

  3. tom murrah Says:

    On the way home from a high school ball game, I listened as things went from 4-2 Astros to 5-4 Pirates. The thought did occur to me that perhaps I’d seen better fielding by the high school guys. And, I am wearing a St. Louis Browns’ t-shirt this morning. So, Bill’s entry for today seems ever so appropriate. Once again, many thanks.

  4. Wayne Williams Says:

    The passage of 60 years doesn’t erase the ineptness of the old Brownies, but we still love’em.

  5. Wayne Roberts Says:

    My prediction of 38 wins for the Astros is looking pretty damn good. But perhaps that 41 year old minor league president will help them, especially with the breast cancer crowd. Pink should be the Astros every day colors.

  6. Mark W. Says:

    By coincidence, ,my copy of “The Boys Who Were Left Behind : The 1944 World Series Between the between the Hapless St. Louis Browns and the Legendary St. Louis Cardinals” by John Heidenry, should be arriving any day now.

  7. Mark W. Says:

    Maybe it’s not a coincidence. What would Dr. Freud say, Bill?

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      As Dr. Freud also said when asked about the symbolism of the good cigars he loved to smoke, I think he might say something along the same dodge-ball lines – something like, “as a good cigar is sometimes nothing more than a good cigar, sometimes a bad team is also nothing more than just a bad team. – Oh! I see our time is up. Please pay the five cents you owe me for my time to Lucy on the way out. Thank you.”

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