Houston Babies Base Ball Today, April 20

Katy Festival 2

Sorry for the late notice, but try to make it out to Katy this morning, anyway.

The Houston Babies vintage base ball team (playing in costume of the 1860s-rules times, without gloves) will join with the Katy Combine and the Boerne White Sox in a round-robin tourney today at the Katy Festival to celebrate the sport, the start of spring, and the importance of our community with each other – something that was brought home to us in a chilling way by the separate tragedies in Boston and West, Texas.

The action starts at 10:00 AM today, Saturday, April 20, 2013 and the vintage ball games run pretty much through 3:00 PM in the afternoon, with other things going on during and after the games and plenty of good food choices too.

The three teams play each other in games that start roughly at 10 AM, 12 PM, and 2 PM, with time off in between games for rest, food, and drink. We never know who plays first or last until we all get there, but the first game always takes on the aura of any big Opening Day with the presentation of the flag, an invocation, a singing of the National Anthem, and other lively ballpark music. It’s just fun and tradition – the way fun and tradition used to stream from every small ballpark in the nation.

We know it’s short notice, but please come!

Katy Park is easy to find. Just head down the main drag through old downtown Katy until you get to Avenue D and turn north. When you reach Franz Road a few blocks later, you will quickly see to the right that you have reached Katy Park.

Come on out, people – and help us shout in spring and the vintage base ball season for our favorite teams!





The Houston Babies Are Ready!

The Houston Babies Are Ready!

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