Same Old Song, Gazillionth Verse

Looks like there are some things that work the same in either big league.

Looks like there are some things that work the same in either big league.

Last night, Saturday, April 13, 2013, the Houston Astros held a 4-3 lead over the Los Angeles Angels going into the bottom of the 9th at Anaheim. An Astros victory would have extended the club’s winning streak to 4 games, could have given 4th place Houston a 3-game lead over 5th place Los Angeles, and should have  been in the bag with a Mariano Rivera in-his-prime closer performance, but hey, the ‘Stros don’t have a guy like that on a $20 million dollar total team budget roster.

Bottom of the 9th: Enter Jose Veras for Rhiner Cruz of the Astros.

(1) Thinks start well. Veras strikes out pinch hitter Hank Conger swinging.

(2) Veras gets a 1-2 count on Luis Jimenez, but then walks him.

(3) More good news: J.B. Shuck flies out to left fielder Brandon Barnes. Only one out away from victory.

(4) But, Mike Trout dribbles an unplayable ball to shortstop Marwin Gonzalez. Jimenez moves to 2nd.

(5) Albert Pujols time again. Pujols drills a fast-rolling worm burner down the left field line that scores both Jimenez and Trout for a come-from-behind 5-4 walk-off Angels win over the Astros.

Jose Veras needs not hang his head this morning. He did nothing that was original last night. In fact, if they ever decide to mint a silver dollar with Albert Pujols’ likeness on the head’s side, Brad Lidge would be the only choice for the tail’s side.

Anyway, it’s now Sunday. A brand new day. Time for the Astros to start a new winning streak. Just hope they stay away from pitching to Albert Pujols with the winning run on the bases or at the plate in the bottom of the 9th.



2 Responses to “Same Old Song, Gazillionth Verse”

  1. Greg Lucas Says:

    Startling to realize even after three game win streak loss Sat night puts team at .364 which translates to 59-103! On pace many expected unfortunately.

  2. Shirley Virdon Says:

    I had to smile——-Albert must be back to his old self ———winning ballgames in the last of the 9th! Sad for the team who happens to be his victim on that particular night!
    Sad for all you loyal Astro’s fans!

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