Presenting the Christmas All Stars

Presenting the 2012 Christmas All Stars Roster

Presenting the 2012 Christmas All Stars Roster


It’s December 22nd. The days until Christmas are now as short as my idea pile for an appropriate seasonal column at the eleventh hour. That being said, I also have some final chopping to get done today too so I will lean again into the well of all-star baseball teams composed of fitting names. Christmas turned out to be easy.

Here is my 25-player Christmas All Stars roster, based on players with any kind of identification at Baseball Reference.Com as guys who once played major, minor, or Negro league baseball – or, at least, signed on the dotted line as a draft choice along the way:



Dave Jolly (1953-57) Major Leaguer

Dennis Wiseman (1989-95) Minor Leaguer

Miguel Navidad (1991) Minor Leaguer *

Matt Love (1936-52) Minor Leaguer

Shane Gift (1994) Astros Draft Pick (only player on the team who may never have actually played at a pro level.)

Keith Shepherd (1992-96) Major Leaguer

C.F. Angel (1914) Minor Leaguer

Bill Peace (1945-47) Negro Leaguer

Robert Cold (1946) Minor Leaguer

Edilmar Infante (2006-08) Minor Leaguer

Todd Noel (1996-2000) Minor Leaguer **



Steve Christmas (1983-84, 86) Major Leaguer

Mason Rudolph (1988-95) Minor Leaguer

Jorge De Jesus (2009-12) Major Leaguer

William St. Mary (1896) Minor Leaguer *



J.T. Snow, 1B (1992-2006, 08) Major Leaguer

Bill White, 1B (1956, 1958-69) Major Leaguer

Todd Claus, 2B-3B-SS (1991-93) Minor Leaguer

Brandon Chesnut, 2B (1994) Minor Leaguer

Newt Joseph, 3B (1922-40) Negro Leaguer



Jack Frost (1928-32) Minor Leaguer

Matt Holliday (2004-2012) Major Leaguer)

Rob Deer, OF-1B-DH (1984-93, 96) Major Leaguer

John Tree (1947-51) Minor Leaguer *


Utility IF/OF

Joe Manger (1922-31) Minor Leaguer

Douglas Elf (1974) Minor Leaguer


* The player’s actual position was unspecified at Baseball Reference.Com, so I took the liberty of assigning such types where I needed them. Since the whole team will be playing out the Hand of Divine Inspiration, I don’t expect there to be any fall-off in performance as a result of this purely administrative procedure.

** Acquired sight unseen, we have signed Todd Noel on the heels of a five-star report by Christmas All Stars scout Bill Hickman. An earlier report from the Angels states that Todd was the first Noel ever to have played professional baseball at any level.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Everybody!


8 Responses to “Presenting the Christmas All Stars”

  1. Bill Hickman Says:

    Merry Christmas, Bill. Very fitting roster. Perhaps you could find a place in the bullpen for Todd Noel, minor leaguer (1996-2000). He made it up to the Yankees’ spring training roster in 2000.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Thanks, Bill. The Christmas All Stars couldn’t pass on that report. Todd Noel has been added to the pitching roster as a result of your very positive scouting report. Not just “by the way,” he’s our first Noel.

  2. Tom Trimble Says:

    Of course, for those conflicted by the “holes” in the original stories or perhaps the commercialism of the current world, there’s always Angel Pagan.

  3. Michael McCroskey Says:

    So where is Gary Bell? Buddy Bell and Gus bell? I hear the bells on Vhriatmas day! 🎅

  4. Michael McCroskey Says:

    That would be “Christmas Day.”


  5. Michael McCroskey Says:

    And now that you’ve got me thinking about this theme, I’m nominating 2 former major league pitchers: Jeff and Ed Holly!

  6. Michael McCroskey Says:

    Former Astro and Ranger, Mike Lamb.

  7. Wayne Roberts Says:

    you guys have way too much time on your hands

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