Our 2012 Astros Fans Christmas Song

(The following is written benevolently in the Christmas Spirit that it turns out be absolutely the wrong call on the plans of the new ownership. And I’ll give ’em this too: They seem to be totally committed to saving printer’s ink money by eliminating words like “payroll” from their everyday working business dictionary.)

Merry Christmas, Mr. Luhnow! Deep down inside, moat of us Houston Astros fans are hoping you really can make it happen for our town.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Luhnow! Deep down inside, most of us Astros fans are hoping you really can make it happen. In the meanwhile, toughen your hide to a little seasonal humor.

Our 2012 Astros Fans Christmas Song

Prospects roasting – in the minor leagues,

The AL – nipping at our nose,

Long term hopes – being sung by the choir,

Sales staff dressed up – like “grab & gos”


Everybody knows – a turkey – is a bird that bakes,

Just like the – young team – playing – for us now,

Ticket holders – get the shivers and shakes,

Repeating fairly loudly – “Holy Cow!”


They know that Luhnow’s – on his way!

He’s loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh!

And every Astros fan – has gotta know,

That every promise – is also – part snow!


And so – I’m offering – this simple phrase,

To fans – from one – to ninety-two!

Although it’s been said – many times – many ways,

Watch your wallets – or this one’s – on you!


Merry Christmas, Houston Baseball Fans!

Our time is comin’ ! – Sure as shootin’ !

I’m just sayin’ – after fifty one years of tryin’ – and hearin’ all this stuff many times over,

It’s bound to happen in the next few years to come now – right? – Right? – Right?





2 Responses to “Our 2012 Astros Fans Christmas Song”

  1. Bob Green Says:


  2. Mark Says:

    Go Houston Browns!

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