Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

Happy Mother’s Day … in pictures and words by Patrick Lopez …

Nick, is the Houston Babies Home run leader , He is also the Vintage Baseball  leagues’ leading hitter in batting average, hits , runs and stolen bases. Has pitched the league’s first perfect game. Nick is a gamer. – Nick is the MVP! 

A Houston Baby relishing the undefeated baseball season so far Baby is tickled ,almost getty over the win streak .


Here we see one of our own, a Houston Baby getting his first taste of defeat,
The loss hard to swallow.

This is the first baby Zombie to make the Houston team ,Has a part in a movie currently playing in Houston, Unfortunately he was removed from the team this week. Ricky, a starting pitcher was caught using a red liquid on the baseball , made the ball do a figure 8 before reaching the batter,
A team favorite by all the players ,he was prompt ,attended all the meetings and practices but soon would disappear for no apparent reason. Good luck to Rickey.



Thank you, Patrick Lopez, for being the wonderfully creative artist that you are. The Early Houston Baseball Research Project, SABR, and the City of Houston history interests shall be forever in your debt for your wonderful visual contributions.


One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day 2012!”

  1. Ken Roberts Says:

    Very, very interesting.

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