Root. Root. Root.

In case you missed yesterday’s coverage of Saturday’s twin bill win by the Houston Babies at the Katy Heritage Festival, here again is the direct link:

Today’s afterglow is simply a short and sweet parody of our baseball national anthem, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game,” that suddenly decided to write itself through me, almost completely in my early morning sleep-wake dawn on the pillow, and in restive honor of our vintage base ball fiery flashes, the Houston Babies. (How’s that for a taste of some 19th century flower-pedal journalism?)

Bob Stephens, Bill McCurdy, Phil Holland.

Take us back – to the old game!

Take us back! – Bring a crowd!

We’ve got the peanuts – and Cracker Jack!

You won’t care – if you NEVER get back!

Come and – ROOT, ROOT, ROOT – for the BABIES!

If they – don’t win – we’ll EXPLAIN!

‘Cause it’s ONE – BOUNCE – CAUGHT – and You’re OUT,

In the Vintage – GAME!

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2 Responses to “Root. Root. Root.”

  1. larry joe miggns Says:

    Great Job on the song lyrics Bill, You should sing it at our next game at the George Ranch July4th.The one bounce rule has been a Rally Killer in many of the games for both teams competeing. It is extremely humbling when you get called out my a foul tip caught on one bounce as well as a long fly ball. Up the middle is the way to go.
    Easier said then done.
    We all ,”Play Ball” for “The Love of the Game”

  2. Hank Fasthoff Says:

    I’m interested in joining the team. Who would I speak to about that?

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