This Weak/Day in Baseball


Getting Right Down To It. I’ve only got one issue on my mind this morning …


Yesterday I complained that the Houston Chronicle gave the new Sugar Land Skeeters the short stick by not including a box score with their report on the club’s first Opening Day of all time. Excuse me for once again underestimating the passive aggressive guile of this city’s only major daily “news” rag.

Today the Chronicle far exceeded their first slight of the Skeeters by not even reporting on the club’s second game and first win, a 10-1 victory over the same York (PA) Revolution on Friday that had used Thursday to defeat Sugar Land, 3-2.

For those who missed the game and did not watch the 10 o’clock Friday night news on Channels 2, 11, or 13, here’s a link to the game report on Atlantic League Game 2 for the (1-1) Skeeters:

"You can't hit what you can't see You can't write about a game you don't watch. And you can't read about or get interested in a game that nobody reports."
- Old Baseball Proverb

If I somehow missed the story in spite of three slow searches of every page in the Saturday Sports Section, if the story in my copy of the Saturday Chronicle was somehow preempted at the last minute in favor of a few more used car ads, if the Chronicle somehow included the Friday night Skeeters game report in a special dedication section that never made it into my copy of the Saturday paper, – if any of these things or others beyond my ability to conceive of them did occur to negate the validity of my current charge that the Chronicle simply ignored the Skeeters in their second game, I do sincerely apologize.

Otherwise, Houston Chronicle, please step forward and either amend or explain your apparent lack of a consistent active plan to cover the games of the Sugar Land Skeeters. This is baseball, people.- You must either cover the professional every day, or else, ignore it altogether and let the readers know that you don’t really follow the games the fans really care about.

You covered the Dynamo soccer team play their way into the public coffers for a new downtown stadium – and they started out as a sport that hardly any of us older Americans ever played or watched – and now you can’t spare the used-car-ad space to even print the score of last night’s Skeeters baseball game?

C’mon Chronicle Management. Hire a baseball beat writer and put him or her on the Sugar Land coverage on an everyday basis. If you can’t find anyone else, hire me and I’ll do it for you. – You could do a lot worse. I’ve been around the block with Houston baseball so may times the corners are round.

Have a nice weekend, everybody. And save this Skeeters website link so you can get the Saturday night game score on Sunday morning.


Constellation Field, Sugar Land Texas, April 26, 2012.

The Deacon, The Eagle, & Friends.

Deacon, Challenger, & More Friends.

The Eagle Has Landed and He's in No Hurry to Leave.

More Friends of The Challenger.

Few times are more colorful than Opening Day USA.

Former Baltimore Orioles catcher Andy Etchebarren was on hand as Manager of the York (PA) Revolution.

Outfielder Michael Hernandez (#9) of York takes his first time at bat against Matt Wright of the Skeeters.

Challenger the American Eagle was totally within his element on the field under the late afternoon glow of a blue Texas spring day sky.

The Skeeters club brought out the seat cards to add larger touch of red, white, and blue during the singing of Our National Anthem.

At the end of the day, a trip to watch a Skeeters game at Constellation Field was like a trip back in time for me and catching a game of the Houston Buffs at old Buff Stadium on the Gulf Freeway at Cullen Boulevard.

The great hope of catching a foul ball lives again as it once did in a park in Sugar Land that sounds and feels a whole lot like old Buff Stadium. All a young or old kid needs is a little luck, a little opportunity, and the individual desire and courage to go for it.

2 Responses to “This Weak/Day in Baseball”

  1. Robby Martin Says:

    I agree Bill, the Chronicle should cover the Skeeters. You’d be a great guy to do it.
    Robby Martin

  2. paper21 Says:

    I went to the first two Skeeters games and was also miffed by the disappearance of coverage beyond the first game. I’m also having a hard time finding a box score on the Skeeter’s own site to check out individual stats for a game. I had to go to the Atlantic League site to find box scores for the games. I’m sure that will change, if it hasn’t already, before the Chronicle changes its policy on covering Skeeters games.

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