Houston Babies in Action Today!

The Houston Babies are in Tourney action at Sealy today, Saturday, March 31st.

The Houston Babies vintage base ball team joins  with clubs from Katy and Boerne today for tourney action at the Spring Picnic and Airing of the Quilts festival in Sealy, Texas today, Saturday, March 31st. Action begins about 10:30 this morning, but continues through the afternoon in the middle of numerous other festival activities.

Sealy, Texas is an easy 50 mile drive west on I-10 from Houston and the spring weather today is predicted to be perfect among the wild flowers for this old-time, family fun celebration of the good life. Here’s a link to further info on the festival and the base ball tournament:


If you’ve never seen baseball played by 1860’s rules with no gloves, come on out. The Houston Babies once existed as the first professional baseball team in Houston. Come on out and help support their glorious return to play in the 21st century too. We will appreciate the boost from your energy.

For further information about the Houston Babies and how you can join in the fun as a player, sponsor, or new team founder, please feel free to get in touch with either Babies Club General Manager Bill McCurdy (houston_buff@hotmail.com) or Babies Field Manager Bob Dorrill  (BDorrill@aol.com) and talk over how you can become involved. Both will be at today’s game and are open to your questions.

It’s spring again. – Let’s play some vintage base ball.


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2 Responses to “Houston Babies in Action Today!”

  1. Kristy Watson Says:

    See you there Babies! It’s going to be a great day for Vintage Base BAll!

  2. Marsha Franty Says:

    A fantastic come-from-behind win for the Babies! Great team effort, proving again why it’s the “grand old game!”

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