Houston Babies Open Season, March 31st

Houston Babies

A sharply hit grounder races back over the middle.

Skimming the infield grass and sparking the fragrance

Of freshly minted chlorophyll.

Cirrus clouds roll in as the masts of every dream we ever embraced

On sandlots past – as hope startles its determined way to life again,

As a ship of new dreams, coming to life reincarnate, late in the day.

This sweet afternoon time, we pursue our joy with no leather to protect us;

No glove for the catching action; no protection from the whopping sound

Of animal hide crashing hard into the meat of every aspiring human hand.

It’s vintage base ball time again; time for second chances with one-bounce outs by the 1860 rules – but time for serious negative consequences too for those fielders who misjudge a ball’s chances for a perpendicular hop. Still, muffs are muffs – and everybody who plays the game has them.

If you’ve never played or seen a game of 19th century vintage baseball, come see the SABR-sponsored “HOUSTON BABIES” open their season as part of the March 31st Sealy, Texas Historical Society’s Spring Picnic, Vintage Base Ball, and 19th Century Quilting Meet.

For more information about the general spring festival, contact the Sealy Historical Society through the website:


For more specific information about the Vintage Base Ball Schedule of games involving the Houston Babies and clubs from Katy and Sealy at the March 31st event, please contact the Babies Manager, Bob Dorrill through his e-mail address:


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One Response to “Houston Babies Open Season, March 31st”

  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Two of my favorite things all rolled into one weekend….I hope I can make it!

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